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The MVMA Continuing Education Portal is a leading edge system that will track and record your learning activity. The platform is linked to a network of education that is resourced from experts and education institutions around the world.

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MVMA Definition of Continuing Education (CE) 

Is defined as a scientific or non-scientific program that can be justified to be within the scope of veterinary practice. The MVMA does not “pre-approve” CE programs. MVMA members must use the “Guidelines for MVMA Sponsored/Approved Scientific Programs” (see below) to evaluate if a course meets the MVMA criteria and be able to defend the program should they be audited.

Guidelines for MVMA Sponsored/Approved Scientific Programs

In order for continuing education programs to be recognized by the MVMA, they should focus on topics that are: supported by applied or basic research, presented in peer reviewed literature, or, if the program is unable to meet these conditions it should be presented by an accredited school of veterinary medicine or nationally recognized organization or institution.

Program Format for Continuing Education Credits (CE Equivalency)

  1. Seminars, conferences, wet labs, workshops, distance education or learning, on-site study visits to accredited veterinary schools – 1 credit per hour.
  2. Independent study (i.e. computer on-line, CD-ROM, DVD, journals, continuing education articles) approved by Registry of Approved Continuing Education ( Credits are assigned by course designers.
  3. Post-doctoral degree programs/fellowships at accredited veterinary schools, writing NEB examinations – 30 credit hours at completion of program.
  4. The Council, or a group/person it designates, may accept other CE formats for credit upon request if it is justified to be within the member’s scope of veterinary practice.


Other Online CE Sites

Companion Web Education - Companion Therapy
Companion Therapy offers many free webinars as well. To subscribe contact Heather Weir at

Free webinar - Which "Tool" Should I use in my Veterinary Toolbox? 

Tue, Apr 4, 2017 6:00 PM - 7:00 PM CDT

There are many "tools" available to treat and heal osteoarthritis and soft tissue injuries. Some of those tools include: NSAIDs, HA, nutraceuticals, laser therapy, regenerative medicine, and hydrotherapy. In this webinar, learn when and where those modalities can be used appropriately and how each of these therapies can be used in synergy for optimal results. provides AAVSB-RACE approved CE courses for veterinarians and veterinary technicians. Our courses are written by experienced veterinary imaging professionals. They provide in-depth information and tips on a variety of imaging studies.

Journal of the American Veterinary Medical Association - Continuing Education
Individuals, institutions, or firms that have submitted announcements for publication in the JAVMA Educational Opportunities section.

Veterinary Information Network
VIN online CE courses have three main components. Real-time sessions are held, usually for two hours once weekly, in the VIN Unity conferencing center. Course participants log in for a live interactive session with the instructor(s). These sessions are logged for future study and to ensure participants unable to attend at the actual time of the session will have access to all materials from their course. In addition to the real-time sessions, each course has a library of course materials, including such resources as handouts, slide shows, and movies. Each course also has an interactive message board for an ongoing dialogue between participants and instructors on the course material.

Enjoy easy access to online webinars, procedure videos and links to professional development seminars and courses. Both veterinary and dental topics.


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