Council Nominations April 2016

MVMA Council Nominiation Form - Veterinary Technologist Member


The MVMA is currently finalizing the legislated changes to the composition to the MVMA Council.   Effective May 5, 2016, in addition to the seven veterinarians on the MVMA Council, there will be two veterinary technologists members and two public members.  The two public members have been appointed and are ready to begin their term on the MVMA Council.  The MVMA is now seeking nominations for the two veterinary technologist positions.

The MVMA hopes that eligible MVMA members will take the opportunity to participate in this nomination and election process.

Two MVMA Council Technologist Member positions need to be filled by May 5, 2016.  The MVMA is seeking nominations to fill these two positions.  Only current MVMA members registered under s. 17 of the Veterinary Medical Act (veterinary technologists)* are eligible to be nominated for these positions. Nominations for these positions will be open from April 11 until 3p.m. on April 15, 2016.  

MVMA members registered in any of the following membership classes are eligible to nominate and vote for the positions available**. Eligible Membership Classes:

  • MVMA General Member (veterinarian)
  • MVMA Public Member (veterinarian)
  • MVMA General Technologist Member (veterinary technologist)*
  • MVMA Restricted Technologist Member (veterinary technologist)*

We encourage MVMA members to nominate and vote*** for these MVMA Council positions.

Please direct any question regarding eligible candidates, the nomination process or other items to Andrea Lear, MVMA Executive Director ( or 204 832 1276 ext. 1).


*Eligible veterinary technologists must have returned their MVMA registration form to the MVMA no later than Friday, April 8 and be registered in either the MVMA General Technologist or MVMA Restricted Technologist membership classes.  The MAHTA equivalent membership levels are:

  • MAHTA RAHT/RVT and Lifetime membership levels are equivalent to MVMA General Technologist Member
  • MAHTA Temporary membership level is equivalent to MVMA Restricted Technologist Member

**MVMA By-laws state, that no matter the elected MVMA Council member position (whether it is held by a veterinarian or technologist), the members eligible to nominate and vote on these positions can be both veterinarians and technologists who are registered in the eligible voting membership classes.

***Should more than two eligible nominations be received, an election will be held April 25, 2016 to April 29, 2016.


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