PED Information

Cases of Porcine Epidemic Diarrhea (PED) virus have been confirmed in Canada (including Manitoba), and have also been reported in 22 states. Swine herds are very susceptible to PED as they have no immunity against this virus. Producers and veterinarians are encouraged to be vigilant on biosecurity to help prevent spread of the virus. The PED virus spreads more quickly in the cold, which helps keep it alive.

Given that Manitoba exports over three million weanlings a year, and PEDv has up to 100 percent mortality rate in nursing pigs, the impact of this virus could be devastating not only to producers and the swine industry but to Manitoba’s economy as a whole. Manitoba is the largest pig-exporting province in Canada with close to 64 percent of national pig exports in 2012. The province exported 3.2 million weanlings and 415,000 slaughter hogs, valued at $128 million and $73 million respectively in that year.  Additionally, Manitoba was Canada’s second largest pork-exporting province with $717 million in pork exports in 2012.

The MVMA will be providing updated information on PED through the Post and on this web page.  

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