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Zoonoses – Shared Disease Agents of People and Pets

Animal Health + Human Health + Planet Health = One Health
As we become more interconnected globally, it is apparent that veterinarians, doctors and scientists need to work together to ensure the healthy future of animals, humans and the planet

How to Help a Stray Pet

For Dogs

For Cats

For Cats and Dogs

For Exotics

For Wildlife

For Horses

Canine Parvovirus Leukemia Heartworm

Winrose Animal Hospital
has a super blog on 
Recognizing Pain in 
Our Exotic Pets and Patients  

Window Collision for Birds 

A great resource for horse owners - American Association of Equine Practitioners website has many good articles on horse care and health.

Lyme Disease   Halloween Hazards Preventing Collisions for Birds   
Influenza   Senior Pet Care Canadian Wildlife Federation videos   
Blastomycosis   Dental Care    
Heatstroke    Ticks

Examinations & Vaccinations for Adult Ferrets

Chocolate    Prevention: The Key to Dealing with Intestinal Parasites Living with a House Rabbit     
Dog Bite Prevention Tips   Rabies – Prevention Tips for Pet Owners  Pet Snake Guide for Beginners    
Xylitol    Rabies: The Great Pretender What Do Corn Snakes Eat & How to Care for Them    
Kennel Cough   Rabies – Fact Sheet   Turtle Care 101: How to Take Care of Pet Turtles    
Vaccination and your Dog          


Pet Insurance Information

Petsecure is Canada's largest pet health insurance company. Click here for information.



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