2021/2022 Beef Cattle Research Council Webinar Series

BCRC Webinar Series 2021-22 Course Descriptions

Course Title: Basics of Backgrounding- Veterinary & Expert Insights Across Canada

Date: November 17th 2021 7pm MST

Instructor(s): Dr. Brian Warr, Veterinary Agri-Health Services, Dr. Daniel Pecoskie, Metzger Veterinary Services and Dr. Christine Rosser, Coaldale Veterinary Clinic

Course Description: This webinar discusses some common challenges that are faced when backgrounding calves. Appropriate for those who have backgrounded, currently backgrounding, or are new to backgrounding. This webinar will also address questions from real producers and veterinary professionals with answers from a team of veterinarians who specialize in livestock health.

Course Title: Setting Records- Calving Season Data Collection

Date: January 12 2022 7pm  MST

Instructor(s): Dr. Jennifer Pearson, University of Calgary Faculty of Veterinary Medicine

Course Description: While calving is one of the busiest times of the year for cow-calf producers, there is also very valuable data that can, and should be, collected to make future decisions on farm. This webinar will discuss the records that are worth spending valuable time on at calving. This includes specific information that will be the most valuable to the producer and there consulting veterinarian in future decision making.

Course Title: Don’t Roll the Dice with Johne’s Disease- Use Our New Johne’s Risk-Reward Calculator

Date: March 16 2022 7pm MST

Instructor(s): Dr. Cheryl Waldner, WCVM

Course Description: There is concern that the risk of Johne’s disease in beef herds is increasing in part because of large beef herds and rapid herd dispersals. Johne’s testing is a significant investment of time and money, and testing options are limited to testing individual animals. Canadian surveillance data has been incorporated into a dynamic risk model developed to simulate different options for managing Johne’s disease transmission and control in a cow-calf herd. This webinar will review this new tool for producers and veterinarians in order to help make important decisions when it comes to Johne’s disease.

****Length of all of the webinars will be 1 hour plus Q &A**

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