What We Do

The MVMA:  As trusted leaders and advocates for the betterment and protection of animals and people in Manitoba, we provide regulatory governance and empower our members to champion the art and science of veterinary medicine.

The MVMA is committed to furthering the excellence of the veterinary profession in Manitoba. This mission is accomplished through five key areas: regulation, education, communication, advocacy, and outreach.

In the area of regulation, veterinarians must hold a valid license from the MVMA in order to practice veterinary medicine in Manitoba. To maintain their license, members must meet a standard of ethics and practice set by the MVMA. We also conduct random inspections of veterinary facilities and maintain an established peer review board that is tasked with investigating public concerns and preserving the high ethical and medical standards of the profession.

To advance the profession, the MVMA supports veterinary education. Every year, we sponsor and promote a variety of continuing education workshops. We bring in the best speakers from around the world to share the latest developments in everything from bovine dermatology to canine nutrition.

The MVMA keeps members connected to the wider veterinary community. We publish a quarterly newsletter, News & Views, which shares a variety of information such as medical case studies, research news and profiles of distinguished Manitoban veterinarians. We also distribute an alert, The Post, which draws member attention to important veterinary events. In addition, we communicate extensively with other provincial veterinary associations, as well as with national and international organizations.

Because the veterinary profession is in a unique position to protect public and animal health, our executive committees undertake advocacy. Our Companion Animal Committee keeps tabs on issues affecting pets, such as puppy mills. Our Large Animal Committee safeguards the practice of livestock medicine. The Veterinary Pharmaceutical committee communicates with government to develop legislation that ensures the safe and appropriate use of veterinary drugs.

Finally, we want all Manitobans to know how much pride we have in our profession. To accomplish this, we pursue regular outreach. This includes arranging speakers for public events, issuing media releases regarding animal health developments, and creating innovative advertising to shine a light on our diverse profession.

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