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Seasons Veterinary Clinic


We are seeking an additional associate veterinarian at our small animal practice. We encourage interested persons to review the details of our offer, who we are, what we stand for, and the qualities we are seeking in an associate veterinarian. For serious applicants, we would be happy to host you for a “day in the life of Seasons” so you can gain first-hand perspective.

Our Offer:

  • Annual salary: $98,000-$105,000
    • Hours:
      • Because of the structured system of booking and management of urgent/emergent cases, overtime is very unusual for all staff – veterinarians included. The end of a shift is a defined time, rather than an approximation.
      • The Associate DVM’s workdays are either 7.5 or 8 hours in length.
      • Of the 40 hours of paid time per week,
        • 36 hours per week are scheduled, with 31 of those hours dedicated to seeing appointments/performing surgeries and one hour of each work day being blocked-off for catch up, urgent cases, phone calls, etc. (ie. 31 hours of schedule veterinary cases, 5 hours of blocked time within the scheduler, to comprise a total of 36 hours of schedule time).
        • The remaining 4 hours of paid time per week are unscheduled, to provide associate veterinarians additional time to use as needed for further catch up on notes, research for more in-depth cases, client calls/emails and follow-up, making it possible to deliver tailored, conscientious, and empathetic care, without losing their work-life balance doing so.
        • The results are a defined work week that does not spill over into ‘off time’.



  • Moving/Relocation Assistance
    • If work at Seasons Veterinary Clinic would necessitate a move (to be located closer to the Clinic) – either within the city/province, or further afield, we will contribute to these costs in the following way:
      • A maximum of $1200/month for the first 6 months of employment with Seasons, are available to assist in covering either housing or relocation costs.
    • No on-call, and all other benefits are at, or above industry standards.


  • Part time: Candidates wishing for a less than full time work week are encouraged to apply and discussions can occur on the specifics of what is being sought.


Who we are and who we are seeking

  • The owners started Seasons Veterinary Clinic with a desire to build a practice that is both a positive, rewarding environment for their team, as well as a clinic where clients know they are respected and valued, and the pets consistently receive excellent medical attention in a gentle, calm, caring environment. Growing up in small towns and experiencing first-hand

the wonderful sense of community that results, the owners have worked hard to establish a ‘small-town feel’ -a community of clients and their pets who call Seasons Vet Clinic home.

  • We are seeking an additional associate DVM who is looking for a long term, stable, positive environment, while working with very committed, skilled and hardworking support staff.
  • We have built up a lovely clientele who see us as an integral part of their pet’s health and long life, and we are looking for a veterinarian who is keen to take time to really get to know the clients we serve, build a relationship of trust with them, and provide high quality, compassionate and tailored medicine to each pet, as part of a team with their owners.
  • We would like to help the successful candidate build up their own client-base, and enjoy the rewards of long-term relationships. We consider it a tremendous honour and responsibility to have people and their pets trust us, and are looking for a vet who shares these values.


Over the 3+ years since the practice was opened, ‘Seasons’ has grown and continues to do so. We have a wonderful group of people who make up our clinic and who put their heart and their energy into everything they do and every pet they cross paths with.


If you are interested in getting to know us a little more, we would love to host you for a ‘day at Seasons’ to meet us, our team and some of our clients. You can also visit our website ( or our social media platforms (@seasonsvetclinic) and Google reviews to learn more about who and what we are.


Should you wish to be considered for this position, submit your resume and cover letter to Dr. Bronwyn Chisholm, owner/veterinarian, at


Drs. Leigh & Bronwyn Chisholm
Drs. Leigh & Bronwyn Chisholm
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