Associate Veterinarian – Bridgwater Veterinary Hospital & Wellness Centre – Winnipeg MB

Employer: Bridgwater Veterinary Hospital & Wellness Centre
Position: Associate Veterinarian
Terms of Employment: Permanent / Full Time
Location: Winnipeg, MB
Employment Address: 100-350 North Town Road, Winnipeg, MB R3Y 0Y4
Hours of Work: 40 hours/week
Language: English


· Eligible for discretionary bonuses and increases in salary;
· Eligible for transportation costs, and relocation expenses;
· Paid vacation/sick leave, Continuing Education (CE) allowance, VIN membership, annual licenses paid;
· Extended Medical insurance;
· Generous pet policy;
· Access to network of over 1000 veterinarians
· Malpractice insurance
· Signing bonus

Salary: $87,000 / year

Contact: please send resumes to and include “Bridgwater Veterinary Hospital & Wellness Centre” in email subject line.


· Perform routine therapeutic procedures
· Perform Veterinary surgery
· Responsible for patient records management
· Post-operative observation
· Accurate client billing
· Participate in continuing education matters
· Examine animals and diagnose problems or diseases through physical examinations or laboratory tests
· Diagnosing and prescribing medication to sick or injured animals
· Consult with pet owners about preventive healthcare; and carry out medical and surgical procedures, such as vaccinations, dental work, and fractures.
· Perform routine surgeries and handling emergency cases
· Consulting clients on hygiene and general care of their pets. Exemplary skills to work with colleagues, clinic staff, pet parents and community
· Provide a range of veterinary services including obstetrics, and euthanasia
· Offer general wellness and vaccinations, nutrition, and weight management programs.
· May enforce government regulations in disease control and food production.
· Keeping up with the flow of the clinic and meeting expected appointment times
· Expected to attend monthly DVM and all other team meetings, and contribute ideas and feedback at the meetings that will help with the health of the clinic and patients


· 4-5 year university degree in veterinary medicine (as well as any required pre-veterinary studies for the university program, if applicable)
· Completion of national certification examinations or equivalent are required.
· Provincial Licensing in Manitoba is required or ability to obtain
· Passion for what you do every day! Enthusiasm, energy, and a positive attitude are a must
· A strong desire to educate and build solid relationships with clients
· Solid communication skills, both when dealing with clients and interpersonal relationships

· Ability to work overnights, evenings, and weekends

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