Associate Veterinarian-Catrysse Veterinary Services – Winnipeg, MB

Employer: Catrysse Veterinary Services
Position: Associate Veterinarian
Terms of Employment: Permanent / Full Time
Location: Winnipeg, MB
Employment Address: 3234 Portage Ave, Winnipeg, MB R3K 0Y9
Hours of Work: 40 hours/week
Language: English


•Eligible for discretionary bonuses and increases in salary;

•Eligible for relocation expenses;

•Eligible for RRSP;

•Eligible for Dental and Vision coverage;

•Paid vacation/sick leave, Continuing Education (CE) allowance, VIN membership, annual licenses paid;

•Medical insurance;

•Generous pet policy;

•Access to network of over 1000 veterinarians

•Malpractice insurance

Salary: $98,000 CAD/year

Contact: please send resumes to and include “Catrysse Veterinary Services” in email subject line.


•Perform routine therapeutic procedures

•Perform Veterinary surgery

•Responsible for patient records management

•Post-operative observation

•Accurate client billing

Participate in continuing education matters

•Examine animals and diagnose problems or diseases through physical examinations or laboratory tests

•Diagnosing and prescribing medication to sick or injured animals

•Consult with pet owners about preventive healthcare; and carry out medical and surgical procedures, such as vaccinations, dental work, and fractures.

•Perform routine surgeries and handling emergency cases

Consulting clients on hygiene and general care of their pets. Exemplary skills to work with colleagues, clinic staff, pet parents and community

•Provide a range of veterinary services including obstetrics, and euthanasia

•Offer general wellness and vaccinations, nutrition, and weight management programs.

•May enforce government regulations in disease control and food production.

•Keeping up with the flow of the clinic and meeting expected appointment times

•Expected to attend ​monthly DVM and all other team meetings, and contribute ideas and feedback at the meetings that will help with the health of the clinic and patients


•4-5 year university degree in veterinary medicine (as well as any required pre-veterinary studies for the university program, if applicable)

•Completion of national certification examinations or equivalent are required.

•Provincial Licensing in Manitoba is required or ability to obtain

•Passion for what you do every day! Enthusiasm, energy, and a positive attitude are a must

•A strong desire to educate and build solid relationships with clients

•Solid communication skills, both when dealing with clients and interpersonal relationships

•Ability to work evenings, and weekends

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