Submit Your Own Website Ad

It's Simple!

Did you know that our website classified section is one of the most visited areas on our website! On average, classified ads receive between 1000-1200 views a month! Your ad can often be up the same day it's submitted. And with infinite amount of space, you can add as many words and pictures as you like!

If you would like to place your own classified ad on the MVMA website, please email a copy of your ad to Daniela Whelan at  You may include pictures, links and PDF's for no extra charge! 

The cost is only $42.00 (plus GST) per month for MVMA members, and $75.00 (plus GST) per month for non-members.

You can either run the ad for a pre-selected amount of time, or we can bill you until you request its removal. Just let us know. 

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