2018 Central Canadian Veterinary Conference

SAVE THE DATE for GREAT CE in Winnipeg the February!


2018 offers CE sessions for veterinarians, 
veterinary technologists, and the entire team.


------ Friday, February 2 features ------ 

Communication sessions for everyone in the office:
• Having Difficult Conversations 

Communication Expert Dr. Jayne Takahashi with:
• Core Communication Skills That Build Trust
• Why Don't We See Eye To Eye?
• You Are The Client! 


Worms & Germs Blog Author, Dr. Scott Weese:
• Lyme disease and other  tickborne diseases
• Treatment of respiratory infections small animal
• Equine Tick-Borne Diseases and EHV


Reportable Diseases - Recognition, Investigation, Response and Table Top

------ Saturday, February 3 features ------ 

You're going to want to "see" these: 

• The Ophthalmic Exam In Small Animals
• Pain Management In The ER - The 5th Vital Sign 
• Superior Patient Care Drives Successful Client Compliance
• Canine Aggression 
• Stereotactic Radiation Therapy 
• Therapy for Large Animals in the Face of Antimicrobial Resistance
• Keeping Calves Alive. Working with Producers to Increase Survival Rate

------ Sunday, February 3 ------ 

So many sessions to choose from:

• Tips to Improve Communication With Your Team
• Three-Step Approach to Environamental Allergies
• Show Me The Numbers: ICU Patient Monitoring
• One Health: Teaming Up in the Battle Against the Superbugs
• Canine Cardiology for the General Practitioner
• Treating Diarrheic Calves - Fluid Therapy 101
• Let's get BLOOD-Y - Clinical Pathology Skills for Techs



Venue and Hotel Accommodations are at the Victoria Inn Winnipeg

To receive a discounted room rate of $135.00 and $205.00 or executive suites, please call the Victoria Inn directly at 204-786-4801.
Rates do not include taxes.

Reservation code is: 776776 or say “CenCan Conference”.

Contact Tracy Rees for further information at trees@mvma.ca


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