Feed Prescription Workshop

When and where:

Brandon: Monday, October 15, 2:30 pm to 4:30  pm                       
Venue to be confirmed
Winnipeg: Wednesday, October 17, 6:30 pm to 8:30 pm                
MVMA Office, 1590 Inkster Blvd
To register email: hklassen@mvma.ca
Session Information
Dr. Dave Lamb, Elanco Animal Health, has graciously offered to provide any interested food animal veterinarians a free seminar and workshop to review the upcoming changes to medicated feed regulations.  He will be covering the following topics:
New medicated feed regulations – MIB and off label


  • Who can sell medicated feeds
  • Who can sell medicating feed ingredients
  • Prescription requirements for producers
  • Prescription requirements for veterinarians
  • Prescription writing Do’s and Don’ts
  • Software programs available in Canada
    • Linking directly to the client and feed mill
    • Electronic signatures acceptance

Additional Information
As of December 1 2018, veterinarians will need current relevant information in regards to the need for veterinary prescriptions for all medicated feeds that their clients use.  If the prescriptions are not completed correctly, that is if they have ANY errors or omissions, the feed manufacturer cannot manufacture the feed.   CFIA regulations state that until the script is complete, contains no errors and is AT the feed mill, the feed cannot be manufactured if the feed is off label, or cannot be sold if it complies to the MIB.
“Maybe our membership is complacent about this but as of December 1st EVERY medicated feed fed to any food producing animal will have to scripted.  The errors that I see at the feed mill level are astounding.  Every possible item on a feed prescription has been missed or supplied incorrectly at some time or another.  In my experience as a practicing veterinarian I hated writing feed prescriptions because I did not know how to write them properly”. Dr Doug Bazinet
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