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The MVMA Continuing Education Portal is a leading edge system that will track and record your learning activity. The platform is linked to a network of education that is resourced from experts and education institutions around the world.

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About Continuing Education

Manitoba's veterinarians and veterinary technologists are required to take part in Continuing Education (CE) in order to have their registration renewed anually by the MVMA.
CE credits are earned by attending or completing scientific or non-scientific program courses relevant to a veterinary field justified to be within a member's scope of a practice.
All MVMA members must complete 15 (fifteen) hours of CE every accumulation period.
Veterinarians and veterinary technologists may also carry forward up to 15 CE credits a year into the subsequent accumulation period.
Each member will determine if his/her CE courses meet the MVMA's CE definition as well as the number of eligible CE hours. This is defined in the MVMA Continuing Education Policies (below).

All online courses must be approved by Registry of Approved Continuing Education ( to qualify for CE hours.

MVMA Continuing Education Policy:


Other Online CE Sites


CHF and VetVine Webinar Series
The AKC Canine Health Foundation and VetVine have teamed up to offer a series of live webinars on canine health topics. These webinars feature leaders in the field of veterinary health research and offer practical advice on common health concerns, as well as information on cutting-edge research to benefit our dogs.


The live webinars feature a presentation, followed by a question and answer session. Each webinar is recorded and can be watched on demand from a computer or mobile device. All webinars require registration with VetVine.

Companion Web Education - Companion Therapy
Companion Therapy offers many free webinars as well. To subscribe contact Heather Weir at

FREE Laser Therapy in Equine Medicine provides AAVSB-RACE approved CE courses for veterinarians and veterinary technicians. Our courses are written by experienced veterinary imaging professionals. They provide in-depth information and tips on a variety of imaging studies.

Journal of the American Veterinary Medical Association - Continuing Education
Individuals, institutions, or firms that have submitted announcements for publication in the JAVMA Educational Opportunities section.

Veterinary Information Network
VIN online CE courses have three main components. Real-time sessions are held, usually for two hours once weekly, in the VIN Unity conferencing center. Course participants log in for a live interactive session with the instructor(s). These sessions are logged for future study and to ensure participants unable to attend at the actual time of the session will have access to all materials from their course. In addition to the real-time sessions, each course has a library of course materials, including such resources as handouts, slide shows, and movies. Each course also has an interactive message board for an ongoing dialogue between participants and instructors on the course material.

Enjoy easy access to online webinars, procedure videos and links to professional development seminars and courses. Both veterinary and dental topics.

Quadam Institute
Feline soft tissue surgery  
This course will provide an overview of the indications, relevant diagnostic tests, techniques, complications and expected outcomes for a variety of common soft tissue surgical procedures in cats. The course will also provide an up-to-date review of the behavior and surgical approach to the most common surgically-managed tumors of cats. All of the surgical procedures discussed in the course will be demonstrated with narrated videos of actual clinical cases.

The Social Side of Practice
The Social Side of Practice is a unique, fully-accredited veterinary continuing education program to balance the medical side of practice. It is designed to help veterinary practitioners and their teams do what they do even better by providing insight, guidance, and strategies on the non-medical aspects of practice. With a focus on wellness, veterinary-client-patient communication, teamwork, leadership, and organizational culture, The Social Side offers not only what is integral to practicing good medicine, but to achieving happiness and prosperity in practice. To find out more about this program visit Pets Plus Us, call 1-800-700-3391 or email  Sponsored by Pets Plus Us.

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