Tracking CE Credits

The MVMA expects its members to maintain and extend their knowledge and skills throughout their professional career.  Accordingly, Manitoba Veterinary Medical Association legislation requires the province’s licensed to practice veterinarians obtain 15 hours of continuing education (CE) credits each accumulation period. CE is defined as a scientific or non-scientific program that can be justified to be within the scope of your veterinary practice.

Many different activities can qualify as CE credit and you need to consider which are most appropriate for you. Review the applicable MVMA Continuing Education Policy to determine if your CE courses meet the MVMA's CE definition as well as the number of eligible CE hours.  

MVMA Continuing Education Policies:

All online CE courses must be RACE approved - for more information, please click here

It is your responsibility to keep a record of the CE activities you have undertaken. However, in an effort to help you keep track of CE credits, the MVMA is pleased to offer a CE Record Card. Over the course of the year, we recommend you update it following your participation in any accredited continuing education event in order to ensure that your CE requirements are being met.

PLEASE NOTE, you should also keep detailed information in support of this summary. 

This sheet is provided only to aid in your own personal record keeping.  It will not be received by the MVMA. It is not a substitute for receipts or other proof of CE attendance.

Click here for your Personal CE Credit Record Card.

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