2021 Council Election

MVMA Notice of E-Vote:

2021 MVMA Council Election

Voting Dates: 9 am CST Thursday, December 3, 2020 to 4 pm CST Monday, December 7, 2020

Members will be voting to fill the expiring veterinary technologist member council position.

Voters: Practicing Veterinarian Members; Practicing Veterinary Technologist Members

MVMA by-law 2-2-14 specifies that only Practicing Veterinarian Members and Practicing Veterinary Technologist Members are entitled to vote in elections.

E-Voting Process: Voting will occur via e-voting with the voting to be held from 9 am CST Thursday, December 3, 2020 to 4 pm CST Monday, December 7, 2020. Members will receive an electronic notification via email that voting is open. This notification will also include all voting instructions.

Scrutineers: Dr. Suzanne Davidson, Ms. Christy Martens

Should you wish to vote via paper ballot, or have any questions regarding the e-voting process, or to request hard copies of the documents, please contact:

Andrea Lear, MVMA Executive Director

E: alear@mvma.ca

P: 204 832 1276 ext. 1

For information: Vacant Veterinarian Council Member Seats

  • There will be no election for the vacant Veterinarian Council Positions (with Dr. Jonas Watson and Dr. Jennifer Demare’s retirement from the council after the February 5, 2021 MVMA Annual General Meeting).
  • The MVMA received one nomination for the two vacant seats. The veterinarian council member nominee is Dr. Mackenzie Marks (Central Veterinary Services). The second (vacant) seat will be filled under S. 6(10) of the Veterinary Medical Act when they become vacant (after the February 5, 2020 MVMA AGM).

The council may fill a vacancy on the council by appointing a member of the association, who is qualified to be elected to the vacant position, for the unexpired term. This subsection does not apply to a vacancy in a public representative position.

Vote: Election of one Veterinary Technologist Member

  1. Voting Procedures

Voters: MVMA by-law 2-2-14 specifics that only Practicing Veterinarian Members and Practicing Veterinary Technologist Members are entitled to vote in elections.

Should you wish to vote via paper ballot or ask questions regarding the proposed by-laws or the e-voting process, please contact Andrea Lear, MVMA Executive Director.

  1. Introduction
  • This year, there is one MVMA Veterinary Technologist Council Member seat to be filled. This seat will become vacant after the MVMA Annual General Meeting (AGM) on February 5, 2020, as Trish Lobaton retires from her MVMA Council position.
  • The successful candidate to this position will serve a two-year council term (i.e. February 2021 to February 2023) with an option to renew this term twice (see MVMA By-law 2-2-6).
  1. Candidates

See candidate biographies on at the bottom of the page.

  • Tonya Apperley, Fort Garry Veterinary Hospital
  • Shey Friesen, Southglen Veterinary Hospital & Bridgwater Veterinary Hospital
  1. Related sections of The Veterinary Medical Act and MVMA By-laws:
  • See The Veterinary Medical Act
    • 6 (5) – Election of Council Members
  • See MVMA By-laws
    • 2-2-14 Entitlement to vote in elections
    • 2-2-6 Qualifications of candidates for election as a council member who is registered under s. 17

To read The Veterinary Medical Act, click here or go to www.mvma.ca > About > Legislation and By-laws and select the link to “The Manitoba Veterinary Medical Act”.   To read the MVMA By-laws, click here or go to www.mvma.ca > About > Legislation and By-laws and select the link to “By-Law”.

MVMA Council Election – Candidate Biographies

Tonya Apperley

Clinic: Fort Garry Veterinary Hospital
Type of practice: Companion
Years of practice: 5

I would like to serve on the MVMA council to be an advocate for Patients, Clients, Veterinarians and Veterinary Technologists.  I would like to use my experience and opinion to help the field of veterinary medicine continue to protect animals in Manitoba. I would also like to increase public knowledge about veterinary medicine to help Manitobans better understand veterinary medicine, veterinarians, and support staff that are dedicated to helping animals every day.

Shey Friesen

Clinic: Southglen Veterinary Hospital & Bridgwater Veterinary Hospital
Type of practice: Small Animal
Years of Practice: 5

My name is Shey Friesen, and I’m a Registered Veterinary Technologist at Southglen Veterinary Hospital & Bridgwater Veterinary Hospital. I started my veterinary career as a volunteer at a local vet hospital in 2011 and graduated from Red River College in 2015. I have spent the last 5 years in companion animal practice.

By serving on the Manitoba Veterinary Medical Association Council, I will be an advocate for my fellow RVT’s, veterinarians, pet owners and of course, the patients. The experience I have gained in the last 9 years of working in veterinary hospitals has given me a thorough knowledge of how veterinary medicine operates and the exceptional services we are providing to the pet population in Manitoba. While serving on the MVMA council, I hope to uphold and promote this high standard of care throughout the province and also educate pet owners about our profession.

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Mission: To protect the public through the regulation of veterinary medicine, to support our members and to promote the profession in Manitoba.

Vision: A sustainable veterinary community working together to prioritize the health and welfare of animals, people and the environment.

Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Statement: The MVMA is committed to equity, diversity and inclusion across gender identity, ethnicity, religion, age, neurodiversity, physical or mental ability, sexual orientation, and marital status. The MVMA membership is multicultural and we value multiple approaches and different points of view in a safe, positive and collaborative environment.


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