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Want to spend more time at the cottage? If you’re looking to slow down and escape the hustle and bustle of city life you should consider joining our team at Lac Du Bonnet Vet Services. Lac Du Bonnet Vet services is a satellite clinic of the Beausejour Animal Hospital. Due to increased demand, we are actively expanding its services and capacity and are looking for veterinarians. This is an extremely flexible position where you could choose your hours and number of days worked. Two, three, four, or even five, day work schedules could be arranged. The clinic is being expanded to accommodate two-three veterinarians and perform routine surgeries and medicine cases, with the opportunity to refer the more involved cases to our main location in Beausejour. This position is ideal for someone looking for a “little less chaos”. If you’re coming off a maternity leave and need more rigid hours, or ready to slow down, but not retire this may be the place where you can start to enjoy private practice again. The position comes with a competitive salary, CE, benefits, vacation, membership dues, and more. If this position sounds right for you, it’s because you are already familiar with all the benefits of being in cottage country. The only thing to do now is to apply to avoid the 90-minute weekend commute.
Please contact Dr. Eric Maguet for more information at 204-268-2177. Resumes can be emailed to em@beausejourvet.ca


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