MVMA Council Seeks Interested Veterinarian Members to Serve on the MVMA Council

The MVMA Council is seeking a licenced Veterinarian that is interested in filling a vacancy on Council. After over a year of dedicated service to the MVMA, Dr. Morgan Wawryk,  has recently resigned from the MVMA Council as she makes a move to Alberta. The MVMA Council thanks Dr. Wawryk for her hard work and dedication to the profession and wishes her the best on this next chapter.


Pursuant to section  6(10) of The Veterinary Medical Act the MVMA Council will fill the vacancy through the appointment of a licenced Veterinarian of the MVMA.


6(10)   The council may fill a vacancy on the council by appointing a member of the association, who is qualified to be elected to the vacant position, for the unexpired term. This subsection does not apply to a vacancy in a public representative position.

This Council term would expire at the 2025 AGM with the opportunity for nomination for a second term.


The MVMA Council asks that any interested veterinarians please email Corey Wilson, MVMA ED/Registrar, at no later than Friday, August 30th, 2024.


Qualifications of Veterinarian council members:

Veterinary council members must

(a) be a licensed veterinarian member of the association and be eligible to vote in the election during which the member’s name will stand;

(c) not be a council member who is currently serving his or her second consecutive term;

(d) not be a former council member who had served two (2) consecutive terms, the most recent of which ending within any of the previous five (5) calendar years; and,

(e) not have served as the President within any of the previous six (6) calendar years.


Council Member Position

Council Member Responsibilities and Job Description can be located here.

Please note that the MVMA Council will meet on the following dates (9am-5pm) in the remainder of 2024:

September 13 – In Person Meeting
November 6 – Hybrid meeting

December 4 – Hybrid meeting

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