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Notice of E-Vote – Two Votes

Voting Dates:  9am CST Wednesday, June 28, 2017 to 4pm CST Thursday, July 6, 2017

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Click here for proposed MVMA By-law No. 2: Part 1 - Interpretation and Part 2 - Lease of office space (2017)

Click here for proposed amendment to General By-law No. 1 S. 2-7-3 and 2-8-5


Vote #1: Adoption of MVMA By-law No. 2: Part 1 – Interpretation and Part 2 – Lease of office space (2017)

Voters: Practicing Veterinarian Members; Practicing Veterinary Technologist Members; Non-Practicing Veterinarian Members; and Non-Practicing Veterinary Technologists Members of the MVMA

After a review of the current MVMA office location, consideration of different locations, and an evaluation of MVMA current and future needs, the MVMA Council determined maintaining office space at the current location (1590 Inkster) with its current landlord (Midwest Veterinary Purchasing - MVP) was the best long-term plan for the MVMA. The sale of MVP to Western Drug Distribution Center (WDDC) has no impact on this determination. The MVMA has negotiated a new 10 year lease with MVP. (WDDC has been included in the negotiations as it will assume the MVMA’s lease with the sale of MVP).

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Vote #2: Amendment to General By-law No. 1 S. 2-7-3 and 2-8-5

Voters: Practicing Veterinarian Members of the MVMA

Internationally trained veterinarians who have not graduated from an accredited veterinary college must complete the National Examining Board’s (NEB) examinations in order to receive a Certificate of Qualification which is required to practice veterinary medicine in Canada. Recently, a new examination was added to the NEB’s requirements. Individuals are now required to pass both the North American Veterinary Licensing Examination (NAVLE) and Preliminary Surgical Assessment (PSA) before registering for the Clinical Proficiency Examination (CPE). To prepare for both the PSA and CPE, many individuals gain experience in Canadian veterinary medicine through a restricted (supervised) license and hands-on experience in veterinary clinics.  

MVMA by-law 2-7-3 and 2-8-5 requires amendment in order to allow individuals to apply for an MVMA restricted license after they have applied to write the (PSA) instead of the (CPE) as MVMA By-law currently2-7-3 and 2-8-5 states. The proposed amendment will allow these individuals to apply for a restricted license and work under direct supervision while they prepare for both the PSA and CPE. Once they have passed the PSA, the continuation of the restricted licence would depend upon an individual’s registration for the CPE. In effect, through this amendment, the MVMA wants to substitute registration for the PSA as the trigger for registration and a restricted licence, instead of the CPE under the current by-law.

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Should you wish to vote via paper ballot, have any questions regarding the proposed by-laws or the e-voting process, or to request hard copies of the documents please contact:
Andrea Lear, MVMA Executive Director
P: 204 832 1276 ext. 1

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