National Symposium on Agricultural Mental Health – March 8, 2023

Please see information on the National Symposium on Agricultural Mental Health, hosted by the Guardian Network, in partnership with the Canadian Center for Agricultural Wellbeing being held on Wednesday, March 8, 2023. Registration is now open.

The Symposium will offer networking opportunities, concurrent sessions, keynote and panel presentations, exhibitors and more, all focused on knowledge exchange to continue to enhance the quality of wellbeing for Canadian farmers. The one-day virtual symposium is being offered to you for FREE, paid for in part by the governments of Canada and Ontario through the Canadian Agricultural Partnership (the Partnership), a five-year, federal-provincial-territorial initiative.

The National Symposium on Agricultural Mental Health has been established to connect farmer mental health groups, researchers, government officials and policy makers, members of Canada’s agricultural community, individual advocates, and most importantly farmers to address the challenges and opportunities of the farmer mental health movement across the country. The Symposium will give all participants an opportunity to discuss relevant topics, to hear from experts in our field and to learn from one another.

The Symposium will explore different aspects of this important movement including:

  • sessions from Farmer wellness programs actively working across the country;
  • current research involving Farmer mental health from several researchers; and
  • various regional projects and trainings focused on agricultural well-being.

The Keynote Speaker is Dr. Andria Jones-Bitton, DVM, PhD. Dr. Jones-Bitton is trained as a veterinarian and is an epidemiologist, Professor in the Department of Population Medicine, and Director of Well-Being Programming at the Ontario Veterinary College, University of Guelph. She conducts mixed-methods research on the epidemiology of mental health and resilience in the veterinary and agricultural sectors.

For your interest and information, please access the Symposium website for further details and to register at .

Closed captioning will be available in English and French. All conference presentations will be in English with one being in French. Our conference platform will also be available to all registered attendees for three months following the conference so you may view all the workshops at your own leisure.


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