Dental Clinic - Oct 3-5 - Bridgwater Veterinary Hospital





Now accepting referrals for Board Certified Specialist in Veterinary Dentistry

Dental Clinic: October 3-5, 2017

Dr. Loїc Legendre, DVM, FAVD, Diplomate AVDC, EVDC

From West Coast Veterinary Dental Services in Vancouver, Dr. Legendre performs dentistry and maxillofacial surgery in dogs, cats, rabbits and other companion animals.

Services include:

  • Complete Oral Health Assessment and Treatment (COHAT)
  • Endodontics: Restorations, Root Canals and Crowns
  • Oral surgery: Extractions, Jaw and Facial Fracture Repair, Tumour removal, Cleft Palate Repair, Brachycephalic Syndrome and more

Visit the West Coast Veterinary Dental website at for a complete list of services available. 

Please email Steffani, Hospital Administrator, Bridgwater Veterinary Hospital, for more information or to schedule a referral appointment or call: 204-452-0911.

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