Dental Specialist Services

Dr. Colleen O'Morrow of Northern Lights Animal Dental Services offers referral veterinary dental services.

Services include:

  • extractions
  • jaw fracture repair
  • tumour removal
  • cleft palate repair
  • periodontal services
  • endodontic services
  • orthodontic services
  • restorations
  • crowns
  • oral medicine
  • complete oral health assessment and treatment (COHAT)
  • follow-up re-checks for patients (this cannot be offered by a visiting veterinary dentist specialist and is especially important with procedures that are staged)

Dr. O'Morrow has practiced in Winnipeg for 40 years and has practiced primarily dental cases since becoming boarded in 2005. Dr. O'Morrow highly respects her colleagues and their clients and has fostered a trusting relationship with the clients referred, which always reflects on the quality care offered by the primary care veterinarian to the client. Dr. O'Morrow prefers to work through the primary care veterinarian and when contacted by clients will always ask the client to have their primary care veterinarian refer them to her. This keeps the referring veterinarian in the know and allows for the best in collaborative care for the pet. Once a referral case procedure is completed, a full report including pictures of photos and radiographs is sent back to both the client and primary care veterinarian, explaining to  both the procedure done. This is lengthy to prepare but provides valuable insight on the dental procedure performed.

On-site Training

Dr. O'Morrow also offers "in-your-house" dental training to her colleagues and their hospital staff on subjects such as periodontal issues, flap surgeries to close extraction sites and ONFs and dental extractions to name a few topics.

Specialist procedures are not taught, however procedures primary care veterinarians and their staff are performing daily are emphasized. This is a more personalized approach rather than courses offered elsewhere, where the lecturer's attention is divided amongst 20 or so participants.  

Dr. O'Morrow can use Dakota Veterinary Hospital's facilities and staff to perform dental referral cases. She has developed a close working and professional relationship with their  technicians and support staff. This benefits your clients' pets in delivering excellence in anesthesia/recovery and nursing care especially when many cases are lengthy in duration and often complex medically. Urgent cases and cases from out-of-Winnipeg, clients working around scheduling or travelling issues can be accommodated on relatively short notice as well. Dakota Veterinary Hospital will not contact your clients to solicit on-going business nor will Dakota or Dr. O'Morrow offer any other veterinary services unless requested by the client and/ or referring veterinarian and agreed upon by the primary care veterinarian out of convenience to the client or safety to the pet. 

In other words, your client returns to the primary care veterinarian for on-going medical care. 

Please consult with Dr. O'Morrow on any dental cases or questions you may have on dental issues or products and know that your clients and their pets will be treated with respect, kindness and the knowledge of someone with the qualifications that Dr. O'Morrow has.

References from clients and primary care veterinarians already utilizing Dr. O'Morrow's expertise can be provided.

Contact: 204-479-8886
K92thdr@hotmail. com

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