Dr. Yu Derm Clinic - July 4-8, 2017

Oakbank Animal Hospital
26157 Oakwood Road
Oakbank, Manitoba R0E 1J0
Phone: 204 444-3615

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Dermatology Clinic/Intradermal Skin Testing 

Dr. Anthony Yu BSC. DVM, MSC, Diplomate ACVD

July 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th and 8th 


Veterinarians referring clients to Dr. Yu need to follow the steps below:

This is very important as Dr. Yu will no longer be accepting faxes or handwritten referals


• Send the completed referral to Dr. Yu directly on line.

• Dr. Yu’s dermatology team will contact Oakbank Animal Hospital with the clients name and phone number and email address.  

• Oakbank Animal Hospital will contact your owners and schedule the appointment times and will retrieve all the credit card information.

• Referring veterinarians please go over the requirements for proper skin testing with your clients ahead of time:

• Pets must be at least 18 months of age.

• Medications withdrawal times in preparation for testing are as follows:

       ~  Injectable steroids (eg. DepoMedrol)  8-12 weeks

       ~  Oral steroids (eg. Prednisone, Vanectyl-P etc.)  4 weeks

       ~  Atopica (cyclosporine) 2-4 weeks

       ~  Topical steroids (eg. Otomax, Surolan, etc.) 2 weeks

       ~  Oral or topical anti-histamines for 2 weeks

       ~  Essential Fatty Acids (capsules or high EFA diets) 2 weeks

       ~  Apoquel does not require any withdrawl time 

       ~  Do not shampoo the pet 1 week prior to testing

• Pets may be on antibiotics/anti-fungals up to the time of testing.

• Preliminary diagnostic tests such as skin scrapings, treatment for ectoparasites, food trials etc. should be done prior to referral for skin testing or consultation.

• An 8-12 hour fast is required  all patients receive sedation/anaesthesia.



Consult only: $215.00

Intradermal Skin Test with Consultation: $570.00

Note: Performed with the client present and discussions with Dr. Yu occur throughout the procedure.  The results will be emailed to the referring DVM and client including treatment suggestions as well as options to pursue immunotherapy .

Skin cytology: $ 67.00

Anesthetic for cats: $ 91.48

Cancellation fee less than 10 DAYS before event: $75.00


** All pets receive sedation (dogs) or brief anaesthetic (cats) for skin testing.

**Additional anaesthesia fees apply for feline intradermal testing extra $95.14


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