WHS Welcome Home Program


Your veterinary clinic is welcome to join the WHS Welcome Home Program:

An exciting new initiative to improve animal welfare and connect veterinary clinics with WHS adopters.


Every year, the Winnipeg Humane Society (WHS) adopts over 6,500 pets to people seeking a new member of their family. Most of these individuals do not have a relationship with veterinary clinics and do not know about the importance of prevention and annual check-ups for their pets.

When illness or emergency strikes, many adopters don’t know what to do. We believe that it is critical for pet owners to establish an early and positive relationship with Manitoba’s Veterinary professionals.

The “Welcome Home” program allows for exactly that. It is based on a model currently being used in the City of Portland. Under this program new pet owners adopting from the WHS will be able to visit a veterinary clinic and develop an immediate relationship with that clinic to make sure ongoing care and concerns are being addressed.

If you wish to participate in this program, all we ask is to agree to provide 1 (one) free consult to the new adopter if they visit your clinic within the first 4 weeks after adopting the pet. The “free” consultation will not cover any procedure or additional diagnostics or treatment that may be required after the physical exam of the pet. It only needs to cover the one-time consult fee.


The process is very simple:

  1. When an animal is adopted, the WHS Adoption Counselor will ask if the person already has a veterinarian of choice for the future care of their new pet. If they don’t, the WHS will offer the individual/family adopting the pet to fax/send the medical file to a veterinary clinic participating in the “Welcome Home” program.
  2. Every adopter who accepts will be given a list of participating clinics for them to choose from. The participating clinics will be presented on a map form so people know where they are located. Under no circumstance the WHS staff will tell adopters to choose one participating clinic over another.
  3. Once the adopter selects the veterinary clinic, WHS will fax/email the medical file of the pet, together with the contact information of the adopter (name, address, phone number, email if available)
  4. The veterinary clinic will contact the adopter within 2 (two) weeks of receiving the information to set up the initial free consultation/visit. Please note we ask your clinic to contact the adopter to make sure the appointment is made.

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