The MVMA would like to make this holiday season a Season FUR Everyone!

This year the MVMA will be highlighting MVMA members favourite local animal rescues and charity organizations to help shed light on the great work going on in our very own province.

Each day, for 12 days, the MVMA will be using it’s Facebook page to bring attention to an amazing Manitoba animal organization.

Help make this a Season FUR Everyone by supporting one of the organizations below or by sharing the MVMA posts highlighting the organizations below.

Each day a new organization will be added to this page. Check back to see if your favourite organization is highlighted or to find a new organization to support!

  • Kismet Creek Farm
Kismet Creek Farm

Facebook: @kismetcreek

What they do (from their website): The easiest way to explain it is that we are like an animal shelter, but instead of dogs and cats, we take in traditionally farmed animals. Especially those who have been orphaned, abandoned, neglected, or abused. Cattle, horses, pigs, goats, sheep, chickens, turkeys, and ducks are just some of the species we care for. Whereas rescue organizations have adoption programs to find permanent homes for the animals they help, sanctuaries are that permanent home. Everyone that comes to our farm stays for the rest of their natural life. We provide food, shelter, medical care, enrichment, socialization and most importantly, love. Most farmed animals are viewed as commodities and treated as such. Here they are members of our ‘farmily’, and always shown respect and compassion.

Why our members support this organization: “Kismet Creek Far is the original farm animal sanctuary in Manitoba. I feel they deserve this recognition because of their hard work and dedication to providing for unwanted/retired livestock and farm animals. When we’re not in code red due to a pandemic, they also open their doors to the public and provide interaction with the animal residents and educate visitors regarding care and compassion towards animals. I have been working with the owners since before Kismet was built. I have had the pleasure of watching this farm develop into what it is today.” – MVMA Veterinarian

  • Penny’s All Breed Animal Rescue
Penny’s All Breed Animal Rescue

Facebook: @pennysallbreedrescue
Instagram: @pennysrescue

What they do (from their website): We are a foster-based rescue and have animals located in and around the city of Winnipeg. Our sole focus is to rescue animals of various species and breeds from all over our great province of Manitoba. We take in animals (mostly dogs and cats) that have been abandoned, abused or surrendered at no fault of their own. We place them into loving foster homes where they are rehabilitated. Whether it is for health reasons, behavioural issues, neglect, or some much-needed love and care, they stay with their foster family until are ready to find their forever homes through our adoption program.

Why our members support this organization: “Penny and her volunteers are amazing.” – Veterinary Team Member

  • Kat’s Kritters Rescue
Kat’s Kritters Rescue


What they do (from their website): We help stray and unwanted animals by providing veterinary care and a safe, loving, enriching environment. We work to transfer our healthy, social, adoptable animals into the adoption programs of other reputable organizations and we provide permanent sanctuary to animals that thrive here, and that may not be appropriate candidates for adoption due to reasons of health or behaviour.

Why our members support this organization: “Kathy Gyoerick who runs the rescue has devoted all of her time and resources to her animals. She definitely deserves a shout out!” -MVMA Veterinarian

  • Popcorns and Binkies Rescue Haven
Popcorns and Binkies Rescue Haven


Why our members support this organization: “This is an amazing rescue that focuses their efforts to save and rehome the small pets like rabbits, guinea pigs, rats, mice, hedgehogs and everything else under a couple of pounds! This makes them unique. The couple who have dedicated their time to this rescue not only rehome these critters, they also go to great lengths on giving the best medical care and focus on educating the public on how to care for these special pets.”

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