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Behaviour Modification for Dogs with Dr. Liana Mawer
Behavioural problems affect about 20% of pets, so treating their mental health is very important. There is also really good evidence that stress causes medical issues as well so happy pets may be more likely to be healthy pets. More pets are euthanized for behavioural reasons than for any other disease.  By treating them for behaviour disorders early we can improve their quality of life, lesson the risk of euthanasia, and strengthen the human-animal bond.  

While I am not a board certified vet behaviourist, I find the topic fascinating and have done lots of extra training in this area.  My first dog Buddy had separation anxiety, resource guarding, aggression and separation anxiety.  He was treated with medications and behaviour modification.  Once the behaviour was improved he was taken off the meds and had a long and happy life with us!  

My latest two dogs who are shown here both came to me due to severe fear aggression among numerous other issues.  In treating my own dogs I learned probably as much or more than I learned through the formal teaching.  The rewards of treating these dogs have been immense and I know how lost and frustrated owners can feel when they don't know what to do to help their pet.  

I felt like this at first with my Buddy.  These videos show some behaviour exercises.  My timing is not perfect and looking at them there are things I could have done better or different.  The good news is that as the video shows you don't have to be perfect.  You mostly have to persistent and keep working on it.  

There is a lot of very bad advice and misinformation out there regarding behaviour issues.  Most people think that pets that are aggressive are being naughty and should be punished.  As most behaviour issues are due to fear, punishment worsens the behaviour and makes them more fearful and more aggressive. 

As you can see rewarding good behaviours is the key. I hope you find these interesting. 

Dr. Liana Mawer



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Paws on Safety: One Minute Pet Clinic Videos

A series of short, educational videos for pet owners on common toxins that may be harmful to their pets.  Each clip features Pet Poison Helpline’s veterinary toxicology experts and highlights important topics such as pets ingesting human foods, human medications, xylitol, chocolate and lilies.






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