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Even though the CenCan was in February, organizers are already planning for the 2019 conference. As we reviewed the good, bad and ugly parts of the last conference, we realized there are questions members have about the conference. Feedback is ALWAYS welcomed and this is an attempt to address some aspects of the conference.

Why is CenCan at the Victoria Inn?
Given the amount of space we require for the tradeshow and the rooms for sessions, there are not many venues in Winnipeg able to accommodate us. There are hotels that would be able to have our tradeshow on one floor (or area of the venue) and have the CE sessions in another area. One of the goals is to have the tradeshow AND session rooms close so that members do not have to walk too much. The Convention Centre is another venue that we could try. In the past many members have said they would not like to go downtown. Parking would not be free and most likely hotel rooms would cost more than those at the Victoria Inn. Also, the Victoria Inn is close to the airport. That reduces travel costs for our speakers and exhibitors who come from out-of-province.

Why not have the conference outside of Winnipeg?
We know that not all members are from Winnipeg. Having the conference in Winnipeg guarantees the attendance will be between 250 and 300 people. In the past, smaller CE events throughout the year have been offered in Brandon. Unfortunately, the registration is not very high and those events were cancelled. The cost of the venue, the speaker’s fee and travel costs are too high for such a small number of attendees. Being close to an airport is also good for our exhibitors and speakers. Otherwise, the travel costs (from the airport), for many of the exhibitors and speakers would be much higher.

Why are the sessions at different times?
Staggering the times of the sessions is for two reasons: one is so the hotel can serve two smaller groups for breaks and lunch. The main reason we have different break and lunch times is so that our exhibitors have time to talk to the attendees as they visit the Vet Expo Hall. It would be very difficult if all attendees went in at the same time.

It’s a long day, can’t the breaks be shorter?
Breaks between sessions are 30 minutes. This time ensures people have a chance to use the washroom and get a snack before the next session. 15 minutes is not enough time for everyone. Also, a 30 minute break between sessions gives the presenters enough time for questions if their session runs longer than 1.5 hours. Yes, they are long days. We can appreciate many of our members are NOT used to sitting for so long. But the conference’s main goal is to give members CE sessions. 3 days at CenCan is 18 hours of CE: enough for the year.

Why don’t we have Andy Roark, or another popular speaker every year?
Cost. The speakers who are in demand are very costly. Also, when we have a very popular speaker, we have to limit the other sessions available on that day. It would be silly to have another speaker present at the same time as Andy Roark because most people would be there to hear him speak. So the number of sessions offered for the weekend are reduced as well.

Why aren’t the sessions recorded?
Again the answer is cost. It is costly to video record sessions. Also, the MVMA Continuing Education Policy states that all online courses must be approved by Registry of Approved Continuing Education (RACE) to qualify for CE hours. Recorded sessions from the CenCan conference would not be RACE approved.

I don’t like the food
We try to pick items that most people will like and it’s very difficult to please everyone. Anyone with dietary restrictions or requirements can pre-order a special meal at the time of registration for CenCan and any other MVMA event.

Contact Tracy Rees for further information or feedback at trees@mvma.ca


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