Veterinary Wellness Workshops & Retreats 2018

It’s time for veterinary care providers to learn the tools necessary for self-care and resilience in order to live a healthier and well-balanced life that is free from compassion fatigue and burnout!

Veterinarians, technicians, and other veterinary care providers are invited to attend Veterinary Wellness Workshops and Retreats, which take place at breathtakingly picturesque locations in the Canadian Rocky Mountains.

The benefits of these small group (maximum 12 people) experiences are numerous and include lectures on topics related to veterinary wellness including burnout and compassion fatigue, as well as the opportunity to practice self-care tools to mitigate these issues. An example of an itinerary for these weekends can be found here.

Veterinary team members will come away from these weekends feeling relaxed, refreshed, and armed with the information and skills needed to foster resilience and enhance wellness in their everyday life.  



Veterinary Wellness Workshops and Retreats include the following:

  • Continuing education (includes 8-hours of CE credit) regarding compassion fatigue and burnout
  • Lectures on self-care, building resilience, and implementing coping strategies
  • Practice time for yoga, breathing exercises, and relaxation techniques
  • Outdoor activities including hiking, snowshoeing, skating, and nature walks
  • Mindfulness activities such as meditation
  • Self-time for spa appointments, reflection, and journaling
  • A picturesque location in the mountains of Western Canada

Veterinary Wellness Workshops and Retreats in 2018:

• Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise: February 23-25, 2018
• Fairmont Banff Springs: April 27-29, 2018

For more information regarding upcoming Veterinary Wellness Workshops and Retreats or to contact Dr. Holowaychuk to plan a wellness event for your veterinary practice, please email



“I found this retreat amazing and eye opening. It was based in science, which is important to me. It opened my eyes to all the different areas of wellness I have been completely ignoring in my life as well as providing some really easy ways to work on them. I can’t say enough good things about this retreat.” Aylin Atilla, VMD, MS, DACVS, Assistant Professor (Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, University of Calgary)

“Marie is such a wonderful speaker, she is very passionate about wellness in the veterinary profession and it really shows. Everything that she teaches about wellness is so applicable to work and home life. The location was incredible, the food was delicious and the yoga was perfect! I would absolutely recommend this workshop to all of my friends and co-workers.” Melissa, RVT (Calgary, AB)

“This weekend was incredibly enlightening for me. Overall, the opportunity to understand self care, its importance, and the development of a practical self care plan was truly invaluable. I have profound appreciation for Marie’s dedication to planning/executing a wellness retreat specific to veterinary medicine. I look forward to sharing this information colleagially.” Karen Sheehan, DVM (Western College of Veterinary Medicine, Saskatoon)

“I found this retreat not only beneficial for the work-life aspect, but also on a personal and spiritual level. You get to have a look at how everything is connected and learn various ways in how to improve life as a whole. Marie is so attentive and encouraging, she makes it easy to open up. You leave the retreat excited to make your life healthier and eager to share the experience with others.” Natashia, RVT (Edmonton, AB)

“I’m so glad this course is available now, and wish I could have taken it when I graduated 29 years ago. It’s never too late though, and I really benefited from attending the wellness retreat.” Laurie Milne, DVM (Calgary, AB)

“This retreat was so refreshing for me and addressed so many issues that are so rarely touched on in our industry. I will absolutely use the practices that were introduced, not just in my veterinary medicine career but in my daily life! What a fantastic way to spend a weekend: beautiful scenery, great yoga, delicious food and wonderful people, all while getting CE hours!”  Erin, RVT (Calgary, AB)

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