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In upholding its responsibility to protect the public, the MVMA sets minimum standards for veterinary practices. These minimum standards and inspection requirements are set out in the MVMA Practice Inspection and Practice Standards By-Law.


Each PIPS inspected Practice is required to complete a self-inspection in the following scenarios:

Change to Practice

    • When starting a new practice (please note that the self-inspection is due at least 7 days prior to opening)
    • When there is a change in ownership of an existing PIPS inspected Practice
    • When an existing PIPS inspected Practice has undergone renovations
    • When an existing PIPS inspected Practice has changed locations
    • When an existing PIPS inspected Practice has added additional practice types

When a self-inspection has been conducted as a result of a change to practice, the practice will be granted a 6-month temporary certificate. Within the 6-month period, an MVMA PIPS inspector will contact the practice to arrange for an inspection. Upon successful completion of the MVMA PIPS inspection, the practice will be provided with a 3-year certificate.

Click here to complete to online Self-Inspection forms.


    • When an existing PIPS inspected Practice has been granted the authority to self-inspect to renew its certificate
    • The PIPS inspected Practice will be sent the inspection forms via email.

2021 Inspection Fees

Self-Inspection Fee – $180+ gst = $189

MVMA PIPS Inspector Inspection fee – $475 + gst = $498.75

Standards apply every day

Inspections, whether conducted by self-inspection or conducted by an MVMA PIPS inspector, are meant as a point in time marker that a practice meets and/or exceeds the minimum standards as outlined in the PIPS By-Law. Each practice must meet and/or exceed these standards every day.

Questions, Comments, Concerns

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