Specialty Clinics

A Specialty Clinic is a type of veterinary practice that provides for

    1. the examination, diagnosis and/or treatment of animals, and/or
    2. consultation with clients regarding their animals, on the basis of an off-premise event.

A Specialty Clinic encompasses ophthalmology, preventative health and rabies clinics or other similar types of relevant practice.

To qualify for a Specialty Clinic the practice must also have a Small Animal Ambulatory Practice Inspection.

The MVMA’s Practice Inspection and Practice Standards Bylaws require veterinarians to notify the MVMA about a Specialty Clinic prior to the event being held.

To notify the MVMA of a Specialty Clinic please:

Temporary Clinics

Temporary clinics allow for the provision of veterinary services to communities in remote areas while maintaining professional and practice standards.

Temporary Clinics provide veterinary services to communities while maintaining professional and practice standards, thus protecting the public.

The intent of the surgical component of Temporary Clinics is to make elective surgeries available in areas requiring these services. A separate application is required for each clinic.

To notify the MVMA of a Temporary Clinic please:

Forms and Signage

  • Authorization to release medical records: This form lets you secure client permission to transfer personal information contained in files from one clinic to another in the case of client transfer or referral
  • Students in Clinic Sign: This sign can be displayed in a clinic to communicate that students may be providing veterinary service within a clinic.
  • VCPR Sign: This sign can be displayed in a clinic to communicate the importance and rules surrounding the VCPR.
  • Manitoba Clinic Tattoo List: This document contains each tattoo clinic code in Manitoba.
    • To obtain a clinic code, please contact the Winnipeg Humane Society.
  • M3P Form for triplicate pads: A Veterinarian Member must complete and return this application to be enrolled in the Manitoba Prescribing Practices Program (M3P)

  • X-ray machine questions
  • Clinic Posters
  • Veterinary Technologist and AHA Scope of Practice
  • Reporting of Suspect Rabies Exposure
  • Cannabis Information
  • Veterinary Biologics – Adverse Events (Canadian Food Inspection Agency)
  • Animal Health Programs
  • Written prescriptions guidance
  • Questions about Companion Animal Export Certificates
X-ray machine questions

Veterinarians should contact Radiation Protection Services regarding x-ray questions:

  • New x-ray equipment registration
  • Change of ownership and relocation
  • Shielding requirements for x-ray facilities (fee for service basis);
  • Compliance inspections are conducted as fee-for-service based on resource capabilities;
  • Radiation doses, radiation dose limits; radiation and pregnancy
  • X-ray monitor (TLD badge) information

Phone: (204)787-4145

Fax: (204)775-1684

Clinic Posters

The MVMA and MVTA have created a series of posters to show support for veterinary teams as they continue to provide veterinary services during the pandemic. The MVMA and MVTA applaud the work that veterinary teams have done to ensure that veterinary services are provided in a safe manner, respecting the health of patients, clients, and members of the veterinary team.

The MVMA and MVTA also acknowledge that as a result of the current pandemic and shortage of veterinary professionals, many veterinary teams have experienced increased workloads, stress and aggressive clients.

The posters can be downloaded and printed by clicking on the following links:

Please note that the posters are formatted to be printed on legal size (8.5 x 14) paper.

The MVMA is hopeful that clinics can help spread the word by displaying a poster at the clinic entrance point.

In addition to displaying these posters on the clinic entrance points, please feel free to share on social media.

These posters will also be available for download on the MVMA and MVTA websites.

Thank you again for providing essential service to Manitobans and their animals while helping prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Veterinary Technologist and AHA Scope of Practice

Veterinary Technologists and Animal Health Assistants are permitted to engage in the practice of veterinary medicine under a limited scope.

For more information about the scopes of practice, supervision requirements and a competency tool for Veterinary Technologists and Animal Health Assistants, please click here.

Reporting of Suspect Rabies Exposure

Manitoba Rabies Central would like to remind members of the MVMA on the protocols surrounding rabies. Two documents have been provided in order to remind members about their responsibilities surrounding reporting rabies. Please review the following documents to ensure you understand your responsibilities surrounding rabies reporting. Click here on behalf of the human public health system, and click here on behalf of Manitoba Agriculture regarding animal health. The rabies line for domestic animal exposures in the province of Manitoba is 204-470-1108 and will put you in contact with a veterinarian responsible for rabies risk assessments.

Please click here for details on provincial rabies surveillance data.

Please click here for rabies data collected by the federal government.
Cannabis Information

Since legalization, veterinary regulators across Canada have been supportive of veterinarians having informed discussions with clients about the potential use and toxicity of cannabis products in animals.

Please click here for information about Cannabis.

Please click here for information about using Cannabis in veterinary care.
Veterinary Biologics – Adverse Events (Canadian Food Inspection Agency)
  • Guidelines for Reporting suspected adverse events relating to Veterinary Biologics – Read more
  • CFIA Form 2205: Notification of Suspected Adverse Events to Veterinary Biologics – Read more
Written prescriptions guidance

Please click here to access the Written Prescriptions Guidance Document

Questions about Companion Animal Export Certificates

Contact your CFIA local district office with questions. Local district offices can be found here

Questions, Comments, Concerns

Please contact the MVMA registrar at

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