Progressive Ontario Practice, Flexible Schedule, Modern Tech | Neighbourhood Pet Clinic – London, ON

Discover the advantages of practicing vet med in “the Forest City” of London, Ontario. A perfect mix of rural and urban, it’s a dog lover’s dream with all the amenities of a city, but no shortage of hidden parks, trails… and homes that actually have backyards! In London, Ontario, there is a thriving veterinary industry, supported by a local ER, and a clinic for every client type. At our four local Neighbourhood Pet Clinic locations, we believe in elevating the veterinary experience for our community members who truly consider their dogs and cats to be members of their families. We’re not (and will never be) corporate. However, unlike smaller solo clinics, we have the resources of our network to invest in our practice and our team members. With a brand-new Neighbourhood Pet Clinic facility now open as of January 2023, we’re looking for the right DVMs to join our trained medical team in a highly collaborative environment. We invite you to learn more ( and to reach out to our DVM Concierge, Dr. Dealia Anderson ( to start a conversation about your career and lifestyle goals.

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