Registrar/Chief Executive Officer – ABVMA

The Alberta Veterinary Medical Association (ABVMA) is responsible for ensuring that all veterinarians and veterinary technologists in the province are qualified to practice veterinary medicine and that the public is receiving quality veterinary service.  The veterinary profession has been regulated in Alberta since 1906. By establishing and maintaining standards for veterinarians and veterinary facilities, the ABVMA ensures the public has access to safe, competent and ethical veterinary care.  Under the Veterinary Profession Act, the ABVMA and its members, share responsibility to self-govern. Every veterinarian and veterinary technologist practicing in Alberta must be registered with the ABVMA, and every facility must have met inspection standards.
The Association is funded by the registration fees paid by each veterinarian, veterinary technologist, and veterinary practice in the province.
Mission: To serve the public by regulating, enhancing and providing leadership in the practice of the profession of veterinary medicine in Alberta.
– protect the public interest, and integrity of the profession by regulating the practice of veterinary medicine in accordance with relevant legislation;
– promote, encourage and develop the profession and practice of veterinary medicine for the well-being of animals, society and the environment;
– promote animal health and welfare;
– enhance and support member professional development and wellness;
– engage with organizations on issues pertinent to the Association.

Based in Edmonton and reporting to the Council of the ABVMA, the Registrar/Chief Executive Officer (CEO) provides leadership for the overall administration of the ABVMA, in addition to the legislated responsibilities of registration, regulation, and discipline of registered veterinarians and registered veterinary technologists in Alberta.  The Registrar/Chief Executive Officer protects the public interest by upholding provincial standards and supporting the profession, and the professional development of those within the veterinary profession.

As a visionary and strategic people leader, the CEO ensures the continued development of the veterinary profession in Alberta through oversight of programs, while ensuring ABVMA objectives are attained through the strategic management, support, and deployment of employees and resources.  The CEO will motivate and direct the ABVMA team along with having a forward-thinking approach to ensure the fiscal operation of the ABVMA are maintained.
As an exceptional relationship builder and advocate for the profession and its members, the CEO will promote public interest while navigating legislative change and addressing issues.  The CEO will be responsible for effectively communicating with internal and external stakeholders, including and not limited to members, legislators, industry representatives, and the community.


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Mission: To protect the public through the regulation of veterinary medicine, to support our members and to promote the profession in Manitoba.

Vision: A sustainable veterinary community working together to prioritize the health and welfare of animals, people and the environment.

Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Statement: The MVMA is committed to equity, diversity and inclusion across gender identity, ethnicity, religion, age, neurodiversity, physical or mental ability, sexual orientation, and marital status. The MVMA membership is multicultural and we value multiple approaches and different points of view in a safe, positive and collaborative environment.


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