MVMA Incorporation By-laws

2017 MVMA AGM - Incorporation By-laws (for information only, not to be voted on)

This by-law is presented for the information of members. It will not be voted on at the MVMA AGM on February 3, 2017.

In November 2015, an amendment was made to the Veterinary Medical Act which provided the necessary legislation to allow veterinarians to establish professional corporations. Once this amendment to the Act was made, it required the MVMA to establish the necessary by-law in order for veterinarians to professionally incorporate. Although this by-law is complete, the MVMA Council decided not to present the by-law for member approval at the 2017 AGM. The council is allowing an extended period for the members to review and provide feedback on the by-law as they know it is of keen interest to members and may affect how they structure their business.

At the 2017 AGM, there will be (limited) time for discussion regarding this by-law. After the AGM, the Council will focus on this by-law as well as member feedback and member education regarding veterinary corporations and the by-law. The MVMA Council’s goal is to have this by-law enacted during the spring of 2017 (i.e. by June 20th).

The proposed by-law can be found on page 2. The by-law begins with commentary explaining professional corporations. Members are encouraged to review this information as it will help to better understand this subject. Members are further encouraged to review the commentary and by-law with their own professional advisors.

Should you have questions about these by-laws, please direct them to Andrea Lear, MVMA Executive Director at or 204 832 1276 ext. 1.

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