MVMA Veterinary Corporation By-law Information

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Please note - The MVMA will publish the application forms and begin to take certificate and permit applications after the by-law is ratified. No corporate permits will be issued until after July 1, 2017.

Notice of Upcoming E-Vote: MVMA By-law Part 3 - Veterinary Corporations

In November 2015, an amendment was made to the Veterinary Medical Act which provided the necessary legislation to allow veterinarians to establish professional corporations. Once this amendment to the Act was made, it required the MVMA to establish the necessary by-law in order for veterinarians to professionally incorporate. The by-law reflects the requirements set out in the Act and provides the MVMA with the framework it requires to register and regulate veterinary corporations. In the development of this by-law the MVMA Council consulted with the MVMA’s legal counsel.

This by-law was made available to members in January 2017. This by-law was not voted on by members at the 2017 MVMA AGM as the MVMA Council wanted to allow members an extended period to review and provide feedback on the by-law. The MVMA Council committed to having this by-law enacted during the spring of 2017 and, to accommodate this, an e-vote will be held June 8, 2017 to June 13, 2017.

To review the by-law, click here (or select from the list above) The by-law begins with commentary explaining professional corporations. Members are encouraged to review this information as it will help to better understand this subject. Members are further encouraged to review this commentary and by-law with their own professional advisors.

You can also review the MVMA's Incorporation Information guide, click here (or select from the list above). This guide will explain the process to establish a veterinary corporation. Again, members are encouraged to review this guide with their own professional advisors.  

Please note, as the by-law only affects Practicing Veterinarian Members, only that membership class will vote on this by-law.

Should you have questions about these by-laws, please direct them to Andrea Lear, MVMA Executive Director at or 204 832 1276 ext. 1.

MVMA staff members are not qualified to provide advice on how to structure a veterinary corporation or on the corporate, commercial, tax, and other issues that relate to incorporation. For such guidance, please refer to the relevant rules, which appear in The Veterinary Medical Act, CCSM c. V30, Part 4.1, and MVMA General By-Law No. 1, Part 3. In addition, you might want to obtain professional advice about how to structure a veterinary corporation in order to meet your own personal, family, professional, and financial planning needs.

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