2023/2024 Practice Year

Veterinary Technologist Renewal

Welcome to the MVMA July 1, 2023 to June 30, 2024 Veterinary Technologist Membership Renewal!


  • Background

The MVMA is excited to announce that it is in the process of deploying a new data management system. This investment in infrastructure will:

  • Improve licence and registration processes
  • Increase security of member data
  • Improve the MVMA’s ability to collect and review member and practice data
  • Simplify Corporation Permiting
  • Simplify the PIPS Inspection Process
  • Increase the security of Peer Review Complaints data

The 2023/2024 Renewal is the first stage of deployment of the new data management system.This stage in the deployment will be very similar to the processes under the former system.

We are excited to show you the improvements to our processes as the project continues over the next year.

For more information, please contact Jo-Anne Holod at mvmainfo@mvma.ca.

Step 1

As the MVMA is using a new data management provider, you will be required to set-up a new account. All members have been sent their account setup link. If you are having issues with your link, please manually copy and paste your link in your browser.


  1. You will be taken to a page that displays your email address and prompts you to create a password (Picture 1).

2. After you have created your password, you will need to enter your email address and newly created password on the login page (Picture 2).

For security reasons, the link to set up your account is time limited. We will be sending out updated links each week to ensure that members are able to access a live link 24/7. Please ensure that you use the most recent link to activate your account.

If you have any issues locating your account setup email, please check your “junk”email.

If you are experiencing difficulties, please contact the MVMA office:

  • Via email: mvmainfo@mvma.ca – Please put “Renewal” in the subject line as these will be prioritized
  • Via telephone: 204-832-1276 ext 4

The member portal can be accessed at mvma.alinityapp.com . Please bookmark this link for future access.

Picture 1

Picture 2

Step 2- Complete the online renewal form located on the new online system

Please log into your account at mvma.alinityapp.com with your email address and your newly created password from the step above.

Please note that you may be required to validate your account. This is common online security measure. A validation code will be sent directly to your email within 5 minutes, and you will be required to provide this code on the login screen. (See Picture A to the right)

Once logged in, please proceed to complete the online Renewal.

Step A. Click on the renewal tab for the type of membership that you want for the 2023/2024 practice year. (See Picture B to the right)

You will note that you can obtain membership for:

  1. General Veterinary Technologist Member- General Veterinary Technologist Members are permitted to engage in the practice of veterinary medicine within the meaning of the Act and MVMA By-laws.
  2. Non-Practicing/Retired Veterinary Technologist Member- Non-Practicing / Retired Veterinary Technologist Members are NOT permitted to engage in the practice of veterinary medicine within the meaning of the Act and MVMA By-laws. These members are still eligible to receive member communications and benefits and vote at the Annual General Meeting.
  3. Lapsed Member-Lapsed persons are NOT permitted to engage in the practice of veterinary medicine within the meaning of the Act and MVMA By-laws and are no longer members of the MVMA.

Step B- Complete the Renewal Forms

The forms are listed across the top of the page and consist of different steps depending on what type of renewal you complete.

For those that renew in a General category, please note that you will need to have the following information:

  1. Professional Liability Insurance information, including the:
  • Policy Name
  • Policy Number
  • Expiration date

If you obtain Professional Liability Insurance through your employer, please ensure you obtain this information from your employer prior to renewing.

2. Information about other Canadian jurisdictions where you have held a registration since January 1, 2023, including your licence/membership number and expiry date.

Updating Information

If you notice any information on your profile (that you are not able to edit) that is not correct, please contact the MVMA office:

  • Via email: mvmainfo@mvma.ca – Please put “Renewal” in the subject line as these will be prioritized
  • Via telephone: 204-832-1276 ext 4

Tips and Tricks

When updating information, you will notice that many times you need to “add” updated information. If you ultimately decide you do not need to provide updated information, or you click this field in error, please note that you must click on the “trash can” icon to clear the information. You will not be able to proceed if you leave this information incomplete. (See Picture C)

If you are required to provide your date of birth, you need to click on the date on the calendar function.

Picture A- Validation Page

Account Validation Screen

Picture B- Renewal Tabs

Picture C- Trash Can

Step 3) Pay the renewal fee

2023/2024 Fees are available to view here. Information about fee increases can be found here.

Your invoice will be displayed and available for download once you have completed the online renewal form.

You may pay your renewal fee by:

  • Online Payment

Online payment can be made in the last step of your online renewal. Once the payment has been confirmed, you will have instant access to your receipt.

  • Physical Cheque

To pay by physical cheque, select Close on the renewal:

Submit your check, payable to the “Manitoba Veterinary Medical Association” to the MVMA office at:

Manitoba Veterinary Medical Association

1590 Inkster Blvd

Winnipeg, Manitoba  R2X 2W4

Attention: Jo-Anne Holod

If you are submitting fees for more than one member, please complete and return the following form with the cheque:

Cheque Submission Form (PDF)

Cheque Submission Form (MS Word)

Late Fees

Failure to submit fees by May 31st shall result in late renewal fees (MVMA- $26.67 + GST)(  VTA $50.00) of $78.00 levied against the member in addition to the outstanding fees. Fees paid after June 30th of this year will be charged both the late renewal fee $78.00 and reinstatement fees (MVMA- $26.67 + GST) (MVTA $100.00) of $128.00 totalling $206.00.  A lapse of membership for non-payment of fees will result in ineligibility for registration and consequent inability to practice.

Step 4) Access your 2023/2024 Permit and Tax Receipt

Upon receipt and processing of your payment, your official tax receipt and Registration certificate will be available on your online member portal. This will be available for view and download at anytime during the year.

MVMA full colour-01


Mission: To protect the public through the regulation of veterinary medicine, to support our members and to promote the profession in Manitoba.

Vision: A sustainable veterinary community working together to prioritize the health and welfare of animals, people and the environment.

Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Statement: The MVMA is committed to equity, diversity and inclusion across gender identity, ethnicity, religion, age, neurodiversity, physical or mental ability, sexual orientation, and marital status. The MVMA membership is multicultural and we value multiple approaches and different points of view in a safe, positive and collaborative environment.


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