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You may be eligible for MVMA membership as a Veterinary Technologist if you:

  • Have graduated from a program accredited by the Canadian Veterinary Medical Association and/or the American Veterinary Medical Association (CVMA/AVMA).

To apply for MVMA membership as a veterinary technologist you must:

  • Complete and submit the Registration Application Form
    • Please note that signatures are required in Boxes J, K, M, R and U.
  • Submit all accompanying documents including:
    • A copy of your diploma or transcript
    • A copy of your government-issued photo identification
    • If applicable, you must have your VTNE results sent directly from the AAVSB
    • If applicable, letter(s) of standing sent directly from the issuing jurisdiction(s)
    • If applicable, proof of your current membership with the MVTA
  • Pay your membership dues upon receipt of invoice

Prior to completing the Registration Application Form, please review the types of membership offered by the MVMA to ensure that you are applying for a membership type that meets your anticipated practice of veterinary medicine. MVMA veterinary technologist membership types can be found here.

It typically takes the MVMA two weeks to process a membership application.

Information for those that have graduated from an educational institution that is not accredited by the CVMA or AVMA

Currently, there is no process available for the MVMA to register Veterinary Technologists who graduated from a Veterinary Technologist program that is not accredited by the CVMA/AVMA.

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