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Forms for Veterinary Corporations

  1. Application for Certificate Respecting Corporate Name

This form is used to request a consent letter from the MVMA for the use of a corporation name that includes the words “Veterinary Corporation”. This consent can then be provided to the Manitoba Companies Office to continue the incorporation process.

  1. Application For a Veterinary Corporation Permit

This form is used for initial applications for a Veterinary Corporation Permit

  1. Veterinary Corporation Change in Particulars Form

This form is used to communicate changes to the corporation, as is required by The Veterinary Medical Act and MVMA General By-Laws No. 1. Please note that changes must be communicated to the MVMA with 15 days of the change occurring.


Please note that the Veterinary Corporation Permit Renewal Process will close May 31, 2022.

The Veterinary Corporation Permit Renewal Process

Step 1: Review Current information

This information will be provided to the corporation via email.

Step 2: Complete the online renewal form

2022 Veterinary Corporation Permit Renewal Form

When completing the Veterinary Corporation Permit Renewal Form, you must:

  • Review the information contained in Step 1, which includes the current information that the MVMA has on file for the corporation
  • At Question # 2, if there has been a change in the information listed in Step 1, you must complete the Change in Particulars Form. 

Step 3: Payment

Payment for the Veterinary Corporation Permit Renewal Application can be made:

  • By credit card
    • Please complete the credit card payment section of the Veterinary Corporation Permit Renewal Form.
  • By cheque
    • Please make cheques payable to “Manitoba Veterinary Medical Association”. Mail to the attention of Jo-Anne Holod:

Manitoba Veterinary Medical Association
1590 Inkster Blvd
Winnipeg, MB R2X 2W4

    • Please indicate the corporation name in the Memo line.

Renewal Period and Fees

The renewal period for Veterinary Corporation Permits is May 1 – May 31. Complete renewal applications and fees received in this time period will pay the Veterinary Corporation Permit Renewal Application fee of  $78.75  ($75.00 + GST).

Corporations that renew late (after May 31, but prior to July 1) must pay a penalty fee of $50.00 in addition to the renewal application fee.

Corporations that do not renew prior to July 1 will have their Veterinary Corporation Permits automatically suspended. To reinstate the Veterinary Corporation Permit, the corporation will pay a penalty fee of $50.00 in addition to the renewal fee.

 Please direct any questions or concerns to Jo-Anne Holod, Office Administrator at

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