The MVMA is governed by a Council of veterinarians, veterinary technologists, and members of the public who volunteer their time on behalf of the veterinary professions. The Veterinary Medical Act defines the role and function of the MVMA Council as the governing body of the association.

Reporting to Council and providing guidance are a number of committees and representatives who actively explore issues and participate in organizations relevant to the veterinary profession. Council members rely on these committees, as well member feedback, to guide decision making.


Dr. Allison Pylypjuk

Past President

Dr. Alison Litchfield

Vice President

Dr. Keri Hudson Reykdal


Dr. Esther Hill


Dr. Mackenzie Marks

Veterinary Technologist Member

Shey Friesen, RVT


Dr. Judy Hodge


Dr. Jillian Preston-Gren

Veterinary Technologist Member

Rhonda Foote, RVT

Public Member

Doug Oliver


Council Advisory Committee
The Strategic Planning committee is composed of current committee chairs, past presidents and the association’s Executive Director. This committee defines the association’s long-term vision and guides Council in deciding how and where to invest resources.

Professional Image Committee
The Professional Image committee oversees and approves the MVMA communication strategy and works with the association’s Executive Director to identify and act upon communication opportunities within the context of the strategy.

Practice Inspection and Practice Standards
Appointment of inspectors to enforce the Veterinary Medical Act and the by-laws of the MVMA is defined in the Act. Currently, PIPS is a function of the Peer Review committee. The Council of the MVMA annually appoints PIPS inspectors who are assigned clinics to evaluate based on geographical and/or practice type descriptions developed by the Registrar.

Peer Review Committee
The Peer Review Committee is mandated to investigate and resolve complaints against licensed veterinarians in Manitoba. The Veterinary Medical Act and MVMA by-laws are used as the working guide.

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The Manitoba Veterinary Medical Association is the professional organization of the province’s veterinarians and veterinary technologists.

We are an independent, non-profit entity that is dedicated to promoting the excellence of the veterinary professions.


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