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  • Animal Health & Wellness – Provincial
  • Animal Health and Wellness/International
Animal Health & Wellness – Provincial
  • Brandon Humane Society – Read more
    Providing aid and assistance to companion animals.
  • City of Winnipeg Animal Services – Read more
    Providing animal-control under The City of Winnipeg Act.
  • Farm Animal Council – Read more
    Informing and educating the public about how farmers care for their animals and supporting commodity member groups in informing and educating producers about animal welfare issues.
  • Winnipeg Humane Society (WHS) – Read more
    Protecting animals from suffering and promoting their welfare and dignity. The WHS also provides a variety of educational programs. Please see their site for further information.
Animal Health and Wellness/International
  • Animal Nutrition Association of Canada – Read more
    Representing manufacturers and suppliers of animal nutrition products to Canada’s livestock and poultry industries.
  • ASPCA National Animal Poison Control Center – Read more
    The premier animal-oriented poison control centre in North America.
  • Canadian Agri-Food Research Council – Read more
    National coordinating system for agri-food research and technology transfer in Canada.
  • Canadian Animal Health Institute – Read more
    The trade association representing animal health companies that develop, manufacture and distribute animal health products.
  • Canadian Cooperative Wildlife Health Centre – Read more
    Applying veterinary medical sciences to wildlife conservation and management in Canada.
  • Companion Animal Health Fund (WCVM) – Read more
    Sustaining and advancing WCVM’s pet health program and facilities.
  • Pet Industry Joint Advisory Council – Read more
    Ensuring the highest level of pet care attainable and a guarantee of fair and equitable representation for all facets of the Canadian pet industry.
  • Vaccine and Infectious Disease Organization – Read more
    Research, development and commercialization of products used by producers in the food animal industry.
  • Western Canadian Association of Bovine Practitioners – Read more
    Elevating standards of bovine practice; promoting research into bovine diseases; establishing and maintaining liaisons.
  • World Health Organization – Read more
    The United Nations specialized agency for health.
  • World Organization for Animal Health – Read more
    Ensuring transparency in the global animal disease and zoonosis situation.
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