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To provide a vast array of interesting and relevant continuing education opportunities for our members, the MVMA post events happening here in Manitoba, across Canada and the globe.

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The MVMA Continuing Education Portal is a leading edge system that will track and record your learning activity. The platform is linked to a network of education that is resourced from experts and education institutions around the world.

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The MVMA expects its members to maintain and extend their knowledge and skills throughout their professional career.  Accordingly, each licensed member must obtain 30 hours of continuing education (CE) credit hours each 24-month period.

CE is defined as a scientific or non-scientific program that can be justified to be within the scope of your veterinary practice.

Many different activities are eligible for CE credit. Each member must consider which CE activities are most appropriate for professional growth and competence. Below you will find types of CE that eligible for credit.

Each member will determine if his/her CE courses meet the MVMA’s CE definition as well as the number of eligible CE hours. This is defined in the MVMA Continuing Education Policies (below).

MVMA Continuing Education Policy:

  • Veterinarian Continuing Education (CE) Policy – Read more
  • Veterinary Technologist Continuing Education (CE) Policy – Read more

Tracking your CE hours
The MVMA has created documents to help members keep track of their CE for each Reporting Period.

CE Credit Record Card
This form helps members keep track of the total number of CE hours complete over a reporting period.

CE Personal Credit Record Evidence Form
This form helps members keep the information required for audit when a CE activity does not provide a Certificate of Completion.

Please note some members have used this education recording service to track CE hours. The MVMA will no longer link to this site as of December 31, 2021

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