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  • How to file a complaint against a member of the MVMA
How to file a complaint against a member of the MVMA

The Manitoba Veterinary Medical Association is governed by The Veterinary Medical Act. One of the provisions in the Act is the establishment of a Peer Review Committee (PRC) to receive and adjudicate complaints against MVMA members.

The MVMA encourages you to try to resolve any issues or concerns you may have directly with your veterinarian, as many can be simple misunderstandings or miscommunications. However, if that is not applicable or effective and you have a concern you feel may need to be resolved through the complaints process, please telephone the MVMA Registrar at 204-832-1276 extension 1.

The Registrar may be able to resolve your complaint through informal discussion. If that is not possible or advisable, you will be asked to submit a formal written complaint. The Registrar will provide you with a fillable form to complete and submit to the MVMA. Your complaint should include information detailing the events in question and your concerns, as well as any other relevant documents.

Please note that you are not required to speak to the Registrar before submitting your formal complaint.

Once the complaint is received the investigation and resolution process is as follows:

  • The PRC Chair assigns the complaint to a complaints committee. The PRC consists of three separate complaints committees, each with two MVMA members and one lay person not connected with the veterinary profession.
  • The MVMA member(s) you are complaining against is asked to respond to the concern and provide all medical records related to the animal. They are provided with a copy of your complaint.
  • If any other veterinarians examined the animal or were involved in the case, they will be asked to provide any medical records and commentary the committee deems relevant.
  • The complaints committee will investigate the complaint, including accessing outside opinion where needed.
  • If the committee finds the MVMA member to be in breach of the Act or MVMA, by-laws, or Code of Ethics, it will take disciplinary action. Please note that the Veterinary Medical Act specifies the types of disciplinary actions available to the committee. It does not permit the ordering of refunds or financial awards.
  • You will be given a written statement of the committee’s findings including an explanation of their reasons.

For a helpful infographic of the process, please click here.

The entire process takes on average four to eight months from the time the written complaint is received.


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