Veterinarian professionals in Manitoba are governed by provincial law as well as the By-Laws established by the MVMA. It is essential that veterinarians familiarize themselves with their responsibilities under these regulations.


Manitoba Veterinary Medical Act – Index

  • The MVMA has established a By-Law (as of July 6, 2017) and a Code of Ethics that are necessary to support the legislation of the profession and the desired functioning of the profession in Manitoba.
  • In addition, clinics must adhere to the MVMA Practice Inspection and Practice Standards By-Laws.

The provincial legislation influencing the practice of veterinary medicine includes:

  • The Manitoba Animal Care Act – Read more
  • The Manitoba Animal Diseases Act – Read more

Federally, the The Health of Animals Act and associated regulations require veterinarians to notify the Canadian Food Inspection Agency of specified animal diseases when encountered domestically – Read more

In addition, the practice of pharmacy as it relates to veterinary medicine is governed by The Pharmaceutical Act of Manitoba – Read more

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