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Government – Manitoba
  • Manitoba Agriculture, Food and Rural Initiatives – Read more
    The site for provincial agricultural program information.
  • Manitoba Health – Read more
    Access to information on health initiatives in the Province.
Government – Federal
  • Bureau of Veterinary Drugs (Health Canada) – Read more
    Evaluating and monitoring the safety, quality and effectiveness of veterinary drugs administered to food-producing and companion animals.
  • Canadian Food Inspection Agency – Read more
    Responsible for the delivery of all federal food, animal and plant health inspection programs.
Canadian Livestock Producer Association
  • Dairy Farmers of Manitoba – Read more
    Dairy production in Manitoba.
  • Manitoba Bison Association – Read more
    Bison production in Manitoba.
  • Manitoba Beef Producers – Read more
    Beef production in Manitoba.
  • Manitoba Chicken Producers – Read more
    Chicken production in Manitoba.
  • Manitoba Egg Farmers – Read more
    Egg production in Manitoba.
  • Manitoba Elk Growers Association – Read more
    Elk production in Manitoba.
  • Manitoba Pork Council – Read more
    Pork production in Manitoba.
  • Manitoba Sheep Association – Read more
    Sheep production in Manitoba.
  • Manitoba Turkey Producers – Read more
    Turkey production in Manitoba.
American Producer Associations
  • American Association of Bovine Practitioners – Read more
    An international association of veterinarians organized to enhance the professional lives of its members through relevant continuing education that will improve the well-being of cattle and the economic success of their owners, increase awareness and promote the cattle industry.
  • American Association of Equine Practitioners – Read more
    The world’s largest professional association of equine veterinarians. The AAEP’s mission is to improve the health and welfare of the horse, to further the professional development of its members, and to provide resources and leadership for the benefit of the horse community.
  • American Association of Swine Veterinarians – Read more
    Increasing the knowledge of swine veterinarians by promoting the development and availability of the resources which enhance the effectiveness of professional activities creating opportunities which inspire personal and professional growth.
Antimicrobial Stewardship
  • As of December 1, 2018, all Medically Important Antimicrobials (MIAs) for veterinary use can only be legally dispensed to the end user by prescription. This is a change in federal law under the direction of Health Canada as part of the National Strategy; Federal Action Plan on Antimicrobial Resistance and Use in Canada1, March 2015 and Tackling Antimicrobial Resistance and Antimicrobial Use2 August 2017 to preserve antibiotics.Please find below information and resources regarding this change.MVMA – Selected Documents for Reference
    This package is a series of public access reference documents developed by various stakeholders is intended to be used as a quick reference source in clinic situations. The documents contain more information related to antibiotic use in livestock feed than antibiotic use in companion animals.Timelines: Health Canada is strengthening Canada’s regulatory framework for veterinary antimicrobials.

December 1, 2018 Antimicrobial Policy Change Frequently Asked Questions

Veterinary Prescription for Medicated Feed:

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