A message from Manitoba Agriculture:

As we enter the summer season which may bring wildfires, storms and extreme heat, the following is a reminder of the general order of responsibilities when assistance is required:

Step 1

Producers/operators/community representatives/individuals are the first point of responsibility to deal with their own emergency situation.

 Step 2

If individuals cannot provide appropriate response to their emergency situation, their local municipality is the first point of contact for emergency-related information and assistance.

 Step 3

If the local municipality cannot handle the situation, the municipality will contact Emergency Measures Organization (EMO) for assistance. All municipalities should have EMO’s contact information. If EMO requires Agriculture’s assistance, they will assign an issue to the department’s Emergency Planning Leader, who then works with the department’s Executive Management Committee to direct activities to address the emergency.

If animals are in distress, please contact the Animal Care Line at 204-945-8000 (in Winnipeg);  1-888-945-8001 (toll free) or animalcare@gov.mb.ca.

Emergency preparedness and response resources


Financial assistance resources



To improve communications with MVMA members, the MVMA  is taking steps to allow practice managers to be added to the various publications and other resources that the MVMA has to offer. Practice managers are now eligible to receive copies of The Post, News & Views, and have access to the MVMA website. Please click here to have your practice manager added.  Only complete the request to have your practice manager added for those under your employ. Please ensure that they understand that some information in various MVMA publications and on the MVMA website is sensitive and confidential, and may not be shared with others.

The MVMA will be hosting a Summer Student Day for WCVM students on Thursday, August 4th, 2022. The evening will begin with a complimentary private tour of the Canadian Human Rights Museum (from 6-7pm) followed by a complimentary dinner and cash bar at La Roca (155 Smith St) starting at 7pm. Please complete the below form to confirm your participation at the tour and/or dinner. We hope to see you there!


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$10 off per person per VIRTUAL LIVE ZOOM classes in July and August ONLY*







Canine and Feline CPR and First Aid

Teaches participants how to administer CPR to dogs and cats and how to provide first aid for common medical emergencies until veterinary care can be ascertained. This is our most popular class. RACE Approved for 3 CEU.

July 13 at 4pm PST, July 17 at 12pm PST, August 21 at 12pm PST


Canine and Feline CPR and Advanced Life Support for Veterinary Professionals

This class is for credentialed veterinary professionals and covers skills utilized in a clinic which includes how to triage patients, ventilated and manual CPR on dogs and cats, how to function as a team during critical situations, technical skills such as IV cath-eterization, ECG and more. RACE Approved for 3.

July 20 at 4pm PST, August 24 at 4pm PST


Equine Emergency First Aid

This class is ideal for anyone who loves horses and will provide an overview of basic equine emergency first aid including how to perform triage on an injured horse, obtain vital signs, the equine first aid kit, choke, colic, dehydration, severe bleeding, burns, eye injuries, digestive Issues, emergencies that happen on the trail/horse shows and more. RACE Approved for 4 CEU. Approved CE for Professional Association of Therapeutic Horsemanship International.

August 31 at 4pm PST


*New* Canine Wilderness Emergency First Aid

This class teaches participants who have dogs or have clients with dogs that engage in outdoor activities where access to emer­gency veterinary care may be limited, and/or dogs are more susceptible to becoming injured due to adventurous activities, hik­ing, boating, hunting and more. Skills covered: preventing medical emergencies, triage, attend to canine medical emergencies

in remote areas and provide emergency first aid. RACE Approved for 3 CEU.

August 20 at 9:30am PST


Registration Includes e-book Reference Guide, an official certification certificate, & a 2 yr. membership to our online animal resource center. Proud to participate in AAVSB’s RACEtrack program. RACE approval is for Vet Techs only.

Classes are 3 hours long except equine class is 4 hours long.

Visit www.petemergencyinternational.com for more information and to register


Classes combines lecture

Q&A session/interactive hands-on portion

Feedback from the instructor

Instructors are credentialed veterinary technicians


Registration fee is $96.95 CAD per person


Space is limited. Register today!

Classes available in all time zones

Want to host a private virtual class just for your staff?

Book your own private class with our company on Zoom with at least 10 staff members and receive 20% off your registrations. (No other discounts or promotions may be applied) Email us for more information info.petemergency@gmail.com

The MVMA is reaching out to its member to identify individuals to serve as a public representative on the MVMA Peer Review Committee. Please click here for more information bout the role. Individuals interested in this role must complete and send the application to the MVMA. Click here to apply. The MVMA Council will review the applications and appoint a new public representative.

Role of the MVMA Public Representative

The role of a public representative is to investigate complaints against MVMA members and reach decisions regarding these complaints within the framework of The Veterinary Medical Act of Manitoba and the General By-laws of the MVMA as part of a Peer Review Complaints Committee (PRCC). All PRCC members must approach each complaint as impartially as possible.   The committee’s public representative will typically provide a non-veterinary perspective, presenting insight on what a reasonable pet/animal owner would expect in their interactions with a veterinarian and the client’s perspective during an exchange. For example, there may be a situation where something seems obvious to the veterinary members on the PRCC, but where the public representative can identify, it would not be obvious to a layperson. That gap in understanding could form part of a communication problem that lies at the heart of a complaint.

The MVMA Council would like to hear from your clinic. Sign up to participate in a Council Conference Lunch call.

AND… the MVMA will buy lunch for your clinic to enjoy while you chat!

This call gives you the opportunity to speak with the MVMA Council to discuss any questions or concerns you may have. The call will be scheduled for 12:15pm on the Council date you choose (click the Sign Up button below to view dates) and will last about 20 minutes or so.

Content of the call:

  1. Introductions
  2. Chat about what the MVMA Council is currently working on
  3. Ask what issues your clinic is dealing with or discuss any questions you have about MVMA activities
  4. Ask how the MVMA could better support you and your clinic

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