The Unauthorized Practice Committee (UPC) is a standing committee created by the MVMA council. The UPC was created to protect the public by ensuring that only those that are licensed in Manitoba are providing veterinary services. The committee is compromised of dedicated experts that review and investigate reports of unauthorized practice and assess the level of risk posed by these reports and conduct of non-MVMA members.

The Unauthorized Practice Committee for small animals is currently in need of new members. If you are interested in joining this committee, or for more information about this committee, please contact Barb Kryzanowski, MVMA Deputy Registrar,

The MVMA recently launched its call for Council Nominations.

As per the MVMA General By-Laws No 1 – (Section 2-2-23), before each election, the MVMA Council must appoint two people to act as scrutineers at the election. In the event that an election needs to be called, it will be held mid-November.

Scrutineer Duties

  • Review the online election platform
  • Review and confirm the election results
  • Time commitment (roughly 1-3 hours).

If you are willing to put your name forward as a scrutineer (in the event we need an election), please complete this form no later than October 15th, 2022.

Scrutineers will be appointed at the November council meeting.

The MVMA is reaching out to its member to identify individuals to serve as a public representative on the MVMA Peer Review Committee. Please click here for more information bout the role. Individuals interested in this role must complete and send the application to the MVMA. Click here to apply. The MVMA Council will review the applications and appoint a new public representative.

Role of the MVMA Public Representative

The role of a public representative is to investigate complaints against MVMA members and reach decisions regarding these complaints within the framework of The Veterinary Medical Act of Manitoba and the General By-laws of the MVMA as part of a Peer Review Complaints Committee (PRCC). All PRCC members must approach each complaint as impartially as possible.   The committee’s public representative will typically provide a non-veterinary perspective, presenting insight on what a reasonable pet/animal owner would expect in their interactions with a veterinarian and the client’s perspective during an exchange. For example, there may be a situation where something seems obvious to the veterinary members on the PRCC, but where the public representative can identify, it would not be obvious to a layperson. That gap in understanding could form part of a communication problem that lies at the heart of a complaint.

The MVMA is hoping to accrue additional French-speaking members that are willing to be a media contact for the MVMA. The MVMA has been seeing an increased amount of requests for French language media interviews. Please let us know if you are willing and able to act as a media contact person for the MVMA for requests that are made in the French language. If you are interested please contact Jo-Anne Holod at

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