About Continuing Education

Manitoba's veterinarians and veterinary technologists are required to take part in Continuing Education (CE) in order to have their registration renewed annually by the MVMA.  CE credits are earned by attending or completing scientific or non-scientific program courses relevant to a veterinary field justified to be within a member's scope of a practice.  All MVMA members must complete 15 (fifteen) hours of CE every accumulation period. Veterinarians and veterinary technologists may also carry forward up to 15 CE credits a year into the subsequent accumulation period. Each member will determine if his/her CE courses meet the MVMA's CE definition as well as the number of eligible CE hours. This is defined in the MVMA Continuing Education Policies (below).

MVMA Continuing Education Policy:

You can use the MVMA's CE Credit Record Card to track your CE credits.

Any online CE course must be RACE approved. For more information please click here.

CE events have been posted for member benefit and the MVMA has no affiliation or interests in opportunities promoted on this site, unless stated.


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