It will now be easier for you to be part of the MVMA’s 3rd Annual Rural Forum Day!
The event has been moved to the evening of Thursday, November 10, and will take place virtually, online via WebEx, from 7 – 9 pm.
Moving to a virtual platform will allow more participation, input and feedback from the community on the important issues facing those in rural veterinary practice in Manitoba today.

The agenda will include:
1) Manitoba Veterinary Medical Association Update:
– Brief updates/information from MVMA Council.

2) Office of the Chief Veterinary Officer Update with Dr. Deanne Wilkinson to include:
–  New seating criteria for the Western College of Veterinary Medicine students.
–  Summer work partnerships for MB vet students interested in food animal and rural practice.

3) New Student Summer Program:
– CVO requesting feedback from MVMA members.

4) Pregnancy Checking:
– New proposed Micro–credential for RVTs.
– Discussion and feedback.

5) After-Hours Care:
Discussion and feedback.

6) Open Feedback Forum & Wrap

Click here to register. Registration closes on November 9.

It’s the season for Season Fur Everyone!

This is your chance to:

  • Show how much veterinarians and veterinary technologists care about animal health and wellness, as well as pet owners.
  • Promote the veterinary profession and the good done for society.
  • Help spread holiday cheer.
  • Assist a local charity of your choice.

To participate, clinics must be available to accept donations from the public for the local charity of your choice. Participating clinics can support a family, shelter,
rescue or a local food bank with the donations.

Click here to have your clinic showcased on the MVMA Season Fur Everyone website page (launching the last week of November).

Please submit by November 18, 2022 to ensure that your clinic is listed when the website it launched.

MVMA is offering the following workplace series on the topic of Protecting Your Emotional Well-Being at Work with Coral Doherty, RVT.

  • Psychological competencies and demands & psychological protection on October 19 from 7-8pm
  • Civility & Respect and Diversity on October 26 from 7-8pm
  • Psychological Safety Cultural Experience, Trusting Mistakes are Good for Business on November 2 from 7-8pm, 2022

See below for more information on each session. Please note that to sign up for one session is 20$, and for all three sessions is 50$. To register click here.

Also, please don’t forget that MVMA is also hosting a CE event on MVMA Wellness Toolkit and Survey on October 25, 2022. Click here to register.



 Psychological competencies and demands & psychological protection

This session will outline how a worker can discuss workplace responsibilities from an angle of emotional wellness. Employers will find value in attending this session to find out more about how they can provide workplace support for the emotional toll of work while building psychological competency for job success in difficult situations. Interactions with coworkers and the public need to feel safe, build trust, and encourage curiosity. Psychological Protection: How does that help, what does that feel like? What is appropriate? Psychological Competencies: Emotional skills for optimal workplace performance

Civility & Respect and Diversity

The mental health continuum. Mental health at work is fluid. Do you know someone who came to work but didn’t act like they wanted to be a part of the team? Develop a new perspective on a persistent workplace phenomenon. Psychological injury discussion, attitude, code of ethics, and employee accountability, discipline, and diversity considerations. Develop “emotional well-being at work” language to discuss workplace stress.

Psychological Safety Cultural Experience, Trusting Mistakes are Good for Business

Plan the problem, try the solution, check for success or failure, improve the problem planning process. The best solution is one that has worked before, the best solution is the one you improve each time you use it. This session brings new work design processes with a customer focused approach…. Your employees! Employees are worth gold today. Investing in gold will reward those who lead by example and set the “new normal mindset” of continuous improvement, practiced vulnerability, and building workplace trust. Attendees will leave this hour with a list of opportunities to invest in gold with a psychological safety mindset. Problem Solving Tools: best customer experience quality mindset Continuous Improvement Mindset: setting up success from failure Leading by Example: Post Pandemic “The New Normal”

The MVMA invites you to participate in our Fall Virtual Membership Engagement Evening! To accommodate all MVMA members the event will take place both on October 5th from 6 – 8 pm and October 6th from 6 – 8 pm. This year we will be focusing on the shortage of veterinary professionals in Manitoba and seeking input from members. If you wish to attend, please fill out this registration form and feel free to reach out with any questions. We hope to see you there!

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