Dimensions: 19”L x 10”W x 4”D.
Never Used.
Blue Instrument supports can be removed if desired.
Delivery to Winnipeg possible. Shipping elsewhere at purchasers cost.
Asking $200 OBO

Contact Christy for any questions or to purchase.
Pet Vet Clinic
Phone: 204-326-6562

Love your Hot Dog Warming system? Need another controller? Available in used/ good working condition.

Benefits: Uniform heating, Pole mountable, Standard Blanket cable connector included.
Delivery to Winnipeg possible. Shipping elsewhere at purchasers cost. Asking $500 OBO

Contact Christy for any questions or to purchase.
Pet Vet Clinic
Phone: 204-326-6562
A-25PTH 52 West
Steinbach Manitoba

A professional communicator, Grant brings a track record of impactful service throughout a 15+ year career in corporate communications and marketing, including almost 10 years’ service at the University of Manitoba. His creative skills include a history of career sharing compelling news of success and achievement while establishing a track record of envisioning and delivering strategies to communicate in ways that would resonate with – and spur positive response from – key stakeholders and target groups.  Versatile he brings to MVMA a wide skill set that includes strategic planning, desktop and web design and event management, among other skills and abilities. Grant is thrilled with the opportunity to serve and collaborate with the MVMA team and the veterinary community in Manitoba. All are welcome to contact Grant anytime with thoughts, ideas or suggestions, or just to say hello at He will be delighted to hear from you!

The Canadian Veterinary Medical Association, in partnership with the Manitoba Veterinary Medical Association, are conducting the annual Survey of Compensation and Benefits for Associate Veterinarians.This survey is designed to examine the compensation and benefits provided to associate (non-owner) veterinarians in private practice and examines several characteristics (type of practice, years in practice, location, types of compensation, etc.) The results produce the Report on Compensation and Benefits for Associate Veterinarians — an important benchmarking tool.

Complete the survey before September 23rd to be entered into a draw to win a $500 gift card or a complimentary registration to the 2023 CVMA Annual Convention in Quebec City.

The CVMA is pleased to acknowledge the collaboration of the provincial veterinary medical associations and appreciates the program co-partners for their financial support.

Did you know that latex allergy can be triggered by direct contact or inhalation? Most veterinary practices use latex gloves. Latex products, especially gloves, release latex particles, which you can breathe in when they become airborne. The amount of airborne latex from gloves differs greatly depending on the brand of glove used.

Please keep this in mind when persons in the office (including staff and clients) report a latex allergy.

For more information about latex allergy, please click here

For workplace health and safety information regarding latex please click here

Vetavision is a student-run open house at the Western College of Veterinary Medicine (WCVM) that takes place every two years. The two-day event opens up the veterinary college to the public to showcase the veterinary profession and to highlight the many roles of veterinarians in animal health, public health, research, industry, and community service. The event will take place from September 23 and 24, 2022, and will be open from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. each day. Vetavision will take place in and around the WCVM’s facilities located on the University of Saskatchewan (USask) campus in Saskatoon, Sask. For a chance to get a free ticket and to signup to help out with the MVMA booth, please submit this form.

Click here for more information.

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Mission: To protect the public through the regulation of veterinary medicine, to support our members and to promote the profession in Manitoba.

Vision: A sustainable veterinary community working together to prioritize the health and welfare of animals, people and the environment.


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